Nov 23, 2011

PULL THIS! *points to long box* -or- Bucky's Picks for Tom Turkey Week!

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Wassup Mother Gobblers??!?!??  I am still trying to figure out this column and when to publish it. Do I shoot for Comic Book Wednesday and run home and read the books and write an entry immediately or do I read the books and let them percolate in me noggin and then drop some kah-nowledge on you? Not that it matters... no one reads this anyways. I might as well discuss the migration patterns of mallards.

Quick (or not-so) note on The New DC/52 or whatever. To me it's a incredibly involved Elseworlds Story and essentially is a bit gimmicky. Eventually they will all go back to the old DC Universe which means I have a hard time getting behind the books and getting emotionally attached to the stories/characters. What that means for you, is that I won't be pimpin' those books as much. (I do realize my pick of the week last week was from this new Universe but this is my column and I can lie or do whatever the hell I want). And speaking of the New 52, I thought Justice League was a disappointment and can't recommend it even tho it has the powerhouse team of Lee & Johns. The story is already dragging and Lee's pencils are just way too jumbled. Disappointing... So let's get into what I did like this week!

The Walking Dead #91. This is one of those rare titles that I read as soon as I get in the car before taking off for home. That says a lot about this book as it takes a long time to read... because it is one wordy-ass title. Which is actually one of the biggest complaints about the book and the TV show. I have no problem with books being wordy, I mean I still read everything Bendis writes and he is one wordy mofo. In fact, Bendis' Avengers title makes this book look like G.I. Joe issue number 21. Hey kids look at my obscure comic reference there!!

The fact that we are 91 issues in to this title that doesn't have one man in tights AND still has the original creative team of Kirkman and Adlard is quite astonishing. The book is beautiful and somehow manages to be both epic in scope and deeply personal at times. If you haven't read the title, just do yourself a solid and jump on the damn bandwagon already.

Specific to this issue. Is this a great issue? No. In fact, it feels like a bit of an in-between issue as there are a few story lines building up to a shitstorm which is the norm in pacing on this series. And I was irritated by Andrea talking to Dale's hat as this seemed a bit too reminiscent of Rick talking on the Dead-Phone. But this filler issue is what makes the book so great. It takes its time telling stories which I appreciate. Just like I appreciate you.. yes you. And mallards.


Mudman #1. I like the art style on this book and will give it a couple of issues to see if I will follow it. Wasn't blown away... yet.

Captain America #4. McNiven on pencils y'all!

See you next Comic Book Wednesday!


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