Nov 26, 2012

Friday Night Clix - Batman Vs.

4:19 PM

Hello peoples!! This Friday at 730 pm we will be busting our weekly Heroclix pop-up event at my LCS Comics Conspiracy : Batman Vs.  Along with The Dark Knight theme being in full effect, we will have some craft, dark beers on hand for the 21 +up to try.

For those of you not well scripted on the dark beer tip, Beer Advocate has one of the best lists and is a regular resource for when I wanna drank outside of my go to brews (IPA of course).

Here are some of the finer deets to our dope-ass clix thang:  Come equipped with a 600 pt team that is only constructed of the new Batman set and another team that is put together with just about anything you damn want (but can only run 150 pts from BM).

Prior to the start of every game, you will roll-off to select what you run (Batman or not) and what your opponent plays, including who receives map choice.  No guantlet, no dupes, no BFCs/feats.

Winner and fellowship pull from available prize support and please pre-reg at the Wizkids Event System and of course you can join in on all the shit-talking at our FB event page.

If you don't know what Heroclix is or have never played tabletop, turn-based strategy games, no worries!!  We gotta great mix of new and longtime clix regulars that can get you started and of course playing with a beer in hand always helps.  Tell a friend, come through and as always BYOB! Look forward to seeing you out to get your clix on !  
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