Oct 9, 2012

Premium Rush: A Seriously Fun Ride!

2:35 PM

If you know me then you know my knees go weak for Joseph Gordon Levitt (who I affectionately call "JGL." Yeah, we are that tight).  Anyhow, when I first saw the preview for Premium Rush in the theaters, I was needless to say, totally giddy.  Bikers. NYC. Beardos. JGL. Who could ask for more?

Upon glance, I thought this movie was going to be a total rip off of Quicksilver.  If you need to google that movie, then you are not as nerdy as I.  Quicksilver was a movie that came out during the mid 1980s and stars a very young Kevin Bacon.  Bacon plays a big time stock market finance wizard.  After he makes a wrong choice and loses all his money (boohoo), he decides to leave the yuppie world and be a bike courier.  Totally realistic right? I know. Just bear with me.  Quicksilver is the bible for a lot of bikers.  One cannot help but drool over Bacon's white fixed gear bike that he proudly hangs in his loft.  Watch the preview for Quicksilver here.  I love this movie Quicksilver and although my heart pitter patters for JGL, I couldn't help but think, hey this is some sacred ground here for Premium Rush to mess with.  Much to my surprise, I really enjoyed Premium Rush.  It isn't Quicksilver, nor should it be, but it does glorify being a courier in one of the coolest cities around.

JGL plays Wiley, a bike messenger, who works with his ex GF, who is also a bike messenger (ah, young love).  Wiley picks up a package that contains something that a dirty cop, played by Michael Shannon tries to retrieve from Wiley.  The movie combines a weak love story with high bike action scenes.  The camera work was great.  I recommend seeing this film on the big screen so you can experience the high octane bike scenes weaving in and out of traffic.  At least these couriers all wear helmets. Safety first, kiddies.  The map and alternate route sequences were neat and I liked it.  The acting by Michael Shannon as the dirty NYC cop was rad.  He made the film. Oh and yes, JGL looked adorable in the movie. Sigh.

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