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Nov 26, 2012

Friday Night Clix - Batman Vs.

4:19 PM

Hello peoples!! This Friday at 730 pm we will be busting our weekly Heroclix pop-up event at my LCS Comics Conspiracy : Batman Vs.  Along with The Dark Knight theme being in full effect, we will have some craft, dark beers on hand for the 21 +up to try.

For those of you not well scripted on the dark beer tip, Beer Advocate has one of the best lists and is a regular resource for when I wanna drank outside of my go to brews (IPA of course).

Here are some of the finer deets to our dope-ass clix thang:  Come equipped with a 600 pt team that is only constructed of the new Batman set and another team that is put together with just about anything you damn want (but can only run 150 pts from BM).

Prior to the start of every game, you will roll-off to select what you run (Batman or not) and what your opponent plays, including who receives map choice.  No guantlet, no dupes, no BFCs/feats.

Winner and fellowship pull from available prize support and please pre-reg at the Wizkids Event System and of course you can join in on all the shit-talking at our FB event page.

If you don't know what Heroclix is or have never played tabletop, turn-based strategy games, no worries!!  We gotta great mix of new and longtime clix regulars that can get you started and of course playing with a beer in hand always helps.  Tell a friend, come through and as always BYOB! Look forward to seeing you out to get your clix on !  
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Feb 23, 2012

Click, Push, Click, Push- A Noob No More!!

3:48 PM

It has been a mere 4 months since I got totally consumed by heroclix and I can say with over 40 games under my belt --over half of em being in tournaments-- the honeymoon is officially over.  Luckily, I am located in a locale that is a hotbed for tabletop gaming with several shops to play, compete, trade and just post with other clixers.

I went from casually stopping by a few spots every other week to now having a fairly regimented schedule where I hit-up 3 to 4 different venues a week to compete and play this damn thing.

So many layers to the strategies in playing this game that I can now recognize, being equipped with a basic understanding of positioning and the PAC. 
Sure, you can simply pick from pieces that you connect to or are familiar with but a lot more of the fun comes in the game when you make use of theme (or generic) teams that give you a bonus to your map roll based on how many players you have in your build and of course the almighty probability control (allows you to re-roll a dice roll or you can make an opponent do such).

My homies Trey and Henry have also gotten deeper into the game which is great being that they can act as a tether in making sure I don't go all rainman and gamma geek to the point that my GF breaks up with me...ha, playing yo.

Along the way I have actually even won a few of the tournaments which have been for me at least, was based less on skill and more on crazy, lucky rolls. 
Through the process of learning the game which you can only really do by playing-- HCRealms has been an incredibly, vast resource be it for the various forums on team building, strategy, trading and anything else you can think of really.

Trading on the Realms has definitely been one of the more fun, addictive and interesting experiences that I never would have thought I would find myself investing time in.  When you buy clix, having dupes is guaranteed so when you can't bust physical trades in shops with the peeps you play with-- realms is a great alternative, unless you just need the skrill and you sell it on Ebay.

Like the saying goes, ones trash is anothers treasure.  This adage has worked wonders
for me as I have been able to pull trades on some real, fly pieces that I would have otherwise had to buy on Ebay for say $50 and up.  Some of the choice pieces that I have scored on realms thru itrader were Cosmic Spiderman, 75th Anniversary Hal Jordan, Barry Allen (pictured right), the Arkham Clown Prince of Crime, and White Lantern Sinestro.

And now things have come full circle as I recently proposed to have a regular heroclix night at my LCS and he agreed!!  How sick is it that I was just pulled into clixin by some regulars at our shop and now we are busting Friday Night Fights at Comics Conspiracy on the regular?!

Dope indeed!!!

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Dec 16, 2011

Click, Push, Click, Push- Enter Da Noob

4:20 PM

Me and Bettygeek gettin our Clix and swerve on
So many of my close friends/fam and regular C&D readers know that a shitload of my extracurricular time has been sucked up by the gaming phenomenon known as Heroclix and in my case, Herocrack.

For those of you not in the know-- Heroclix is a turn-based, table-top gaming system that has been around for over a decade-- focally centered around the comicbook universes of DC and Marvel-- but has also gotten into other nerdery worlds like horror, videogames, movies and so on.

Main goal in this shiz is search & destroy.  The fun part is talking shit and watching some peeps sulk in their attempts to not lose their fave characters.  And with that in mind-- despite my noob status-- #1 priority is always stomping the heart, or as Miyamoto Musashi calls it in The Book of Five Rings- "making a collapse (in your opposition) when their rhythm becomes deranged"

Yes, this a strategy game afterall so who better to reference than Musashi or of course Lao Tzu (Art of War).  Okay enough with getting all tantric (yes, I know I am stupid and not using this term right).  Heroclix makes use of a dope little sculpt of a character on a dial that keeps track of its power & abilities (PAC), along with a card that explains more of the characters attributes in detail.  Here is one of my fave go to pieces of late that has helped me in my first, few actual tournament experiences.

Artwork courtesy of Wizkids

First off, a heartfelt middle finger to my homie, Gage, another regular of Comics Conspiracy, along with Ryan, Scott and Bryce that initially sucked me into this awesome addiction.

And mad love to Geek Pinata, Soonirvana (both pictured to your right) Toby and Betts for helping me struggle with my problem by taking in the mad, geeky fun and actually jumping on the clix-life themselves.

Trey went as far as spending hours on YouTube tutorials-- taking notes and all-- to help lead the crew with deciphering some confusion / individual interpretation of rules of engagement, lines of fire and etc.

After a few months of taking turns chilling at eachother's pads, beating down one another's top pieces and what not-- I took the plunge into playing at a few of my local gaming shops.  This came at perfect timing with the release of the brand, spanking new Heroclix set, The Incredible Hulk, which was released this Wednesday and of course involved thematic tournaments for a chance to win some exclusive pieces for the high score winner.

Of course, I had no hopes of winning shit being that I still was working on getting the flow of the game, memorizing PAC and limited to the few strategies I had under my belt-- let alone playing against some seriously, formidable comp (one of the cool guys pointed out that 2 cats playing were National champs--hwwaat?!)  The shops I hit up were Game Kastle (Heroclix nights on Wednesdays) and the other, Legends (theirs is usually Tuesday or Thursday).

Both shops were dope, comfortable and surprisingly helpful in supporting my noob-ness, though some of the players were straight up on saying they wouldn't be giving me the same leeway in the next few weeks.  Ha!!  Love it!!  Those same players after the first few rounds of tourney play were kicking my ass, but I still got some good rolls/hits in too and went as far as telling em to "click it"!  Effing awesome.

If you are in the Bay Area, Game Kastle is one of the more competitive spots to play, so you get exposed to a lot of different strategies-- Legends is still formidable but a lot more comfortable and laid back and I heard that Gaming Collection & Toys was chill on Saturdays.

Expect more coverage soon on some of my clix-life that could hook you in too if you are a fan of comics, gaming and just relaxed, chill shit-talking.  Heroclix is super-accessible, fun and right now is one of the best times to start playing with new sets coming out through the next months that have some of the sickest, comic-accurate sculpt designs, playability and oh shit, the nationwide tourney for Infinity Gauntlet starts in a few weeks yo!

As I continue playing and learning I will share some of the illest strategies, team combos, top pieces and most hilarious shit-talking I have heard while playing or experience through some of my fam.  Here are some of our other go to pieces that we have been bustin' in our match-ups:

Phoenix, Ragnarok, Larfleeze and Maxwell Lord are regular first round pickups
Betts goes with the Iron Men and Supergirl, while Emperor Joker and Wolvie is a newfound fave for me


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