Oct 1, 2011

Breakfast Club- Batman: Brave and the Bold "Time Out for Vengeance" & "Sword of the Atom"

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Breakfast Club is a new feature where I kick up my feet on a Saturday morning with a big bowl of cereal and run through the DVR to play catch-up on recorded cartoons, animation or break open new/old blu-ray releases that keeps me nostalgic on this classic, American weekend ritual.  This weeks queue of animated flicks I ate up were the last 2 weeks of Young Justice and Batman: Brave and the Bold.  Since I had so much more fun with the two episodes of Batman: Brave and the Bold-- I will just rock philosophic on those two shows.  

Last weeks episode, "Time Out for Vengeance" opened with a great cameo from Catman and as Batman was about to hand him over to the Gotham police, Bats mysteriously vanished ala Marty McFly.  We are then taken to the Justice League International's satellite headquarters in space with hilarious ragtag comedy and nice easter-eggs like Guy reading a Brother Power the Geek comic.  Time Master, Rip Hunter enters the
scene and informs the JLI how they need to help save Batman from being erased entirely from the time continuum.  

Hunter's approach is to break up the JLI into various teams to simultaneously save all of the Batmen through history (inspired by Grant Morrison's Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne arc).  

Guy and Ice are first up by getting dropped off in the Jurassic age and after being chased around by a T-Rex are saved by Cave-Batman.  After hanging out a bit in his tree house (not Bat-cave) they are attacked by some robot on the hunt for Batman.  They easily take out the bot and we enter Booster and Blue Beetle on a Pirate ship with..surprise, Pirate Bats!!  So great to have these two iterations of Bats re-purposed from the books, while the next two are not.  Aquaman, who definitely provides the biggest laugh tracks-- works with Fire to join up with Bat-Man-acus and FIGHT ROMANS!!  Easily the funniest bit.  Finally they all combine forces and port to the future where they face the major baddie behind it all, Equinox.  Robot-Batman brings in the rest of the Bat-Men from the past to help out and HUZZAH!! plain old Bats is restored to his solid self.

The following show, "Sword of the Atom" is fab but easily overshadowed by the opening short of "The Currys of Atlantis" which is a gut-wrenching spoof of any TV Land 50's sitcom ala Leave it to Beaver. 

From Manta attempting to place a bomb in their mailbox to Aquaman planning a "fighting crime with Batman" night (guys nightout) on his anniversary.

Funny shit. 
As usual we see Bats hating on his fellow heroes

The feature episode opens with an introduction to the Atoms- Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi.  Afterwards, the entirety of the show minus the adds of Aquaman, Choi and Bats is largely adapted from the classic 80's mini-series of Sword of the Atom.

We get to see Palmer in his savage-jungle garb (that was ingeniously used during his stint with the Indigo Tribe in Blackest Night).  Again, Aquaman steals the thunder of the show by slowly suiting up Choi to resemble his hero-look in hopes of bringing him back from civilian status.

Soon after, Bats reveals that the Chancellor of the Katarthans is planning to overthrow the Princess and Palmer then Bats is thrown into a pit with a bigass Spider to his death.  Aquaman, Choi and the silverfish trackdown Bats, saves his ass then helps the Atom overthrow the giant-size Chancellor.  Aquaman successfully convinces Choi to return to his life as the Atom and Palmer continues his life as a 6" savage.    

Thanks for chomping into our first run of Breakfast Club and keep those tasty animations coming WB!!!

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