Feb 23, 2012

Click, Push, Click, Push- A Noob No More!!

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It has been a mere 4 months since I got totally consumed by heroclix and I can say with over 40 games under my belt --over half of em being in tournaments-- the honeymoon is officially over.  Luckily, I am located in a locale that is a hotbed for tabletop gaming with several shops to play, compete, trade and just post with other clixers.

I went from casually stopping by a few spots every other week to now having a fairly regimented schedule where I hit-up 3 to 4 different venues a week to compete and play this damn thing.

So many layers to the strategies in playing this game that I can now recognize, being equipped with a basic understanding of positioning and the PAC. 
Sure, you can simply pick from pieces that you connect to or are familiar with but a lot more of the fun comes in the game when you make use of theme (or generic) teams that give you a bonus to your map roll based on how many players you have in your build and of course the almighty probability control (allows you to re-roll a dice roll or you can make an opponent do such).

My homies Trey and Henry have also gotten deeper into the game which is great being that they can act as a tether in making sure I don't go all rainman and gamma geek to the point that my GF breaks up with me...ha, playing yo.

Along the way I have actually even won a few of the tournaments which have been for me at least, was based less on skill and more on crazy, lucky rolls. 
Through the process of learning the game which you can only really do by playing-- HCRealms has been an incredibly, vast resource be it for the various forums on team building, strategy, trading and anything else you can think of really.

Trading on the Realms has definitely been one of the more fun, addictive and interesting experiences that I never would have thought I would find myself investing time in.  When you buy clix, having dupes is guaranteed so when you can't bust physical trades in shops with the peeps you play with-- realms is a great alternative, unless you just need the skrill and you sell it on Ebay.

Like the saying goes, ones trash is anothers treasure.  This adage has worked wonders
for me as I have been able to pull trades on some real, fly pieces that I would have otherwise had to buy on Ebay for say $50 and up.  Some of the choice pieces that I have scored on realms thru itrader were Cosmic Spiderman, 75th Anniversary Hal Jordan, Barry Allen (pictured right), the Arkham Clown Prince of Crime, and White Lantern Sinestro.

And now things have come full circle as I recently proposed to have a regular heroclix night at my LCS and he agreed!!  How sick is it that I was just pulled into clixin by some regulars at our shop and now we are busting Friday Night Fights at Comics Conspiracy on the regular?!

Dope indeed!!!

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