Feb 25, 2012

Image Expo- Return of the Comic-con

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A lifelong reader but only started experiencing comic-cons circa 2008.  Don't get it twisted though-- I know that comiccons have really been more like Hollycon for the last 10+ years.  At Wondercon or SDCC you get the chance at bumping shoulders with the big screens best and brightest stars and behind the scenes puppetmasters.  We still have a place where fellow nerd brethren can convene with other lovers of the culture, busting their cosplay crafts, rocking mad gaming skills and learning the inside shit on whats next from the Industry's top creators.

The big difference from the early 90's to now...millions of inflows coming in to barrage the equally massive con-goers that have also jumped in numbers from say the first Wondercon that started in Oakland with say 8000 people to last year's WC in SF that was reported to have close to 40K peeps.  SDCC is closer to 200K.

Yesterday, Image Expo brought things back to the 510 in the very same building that the first Wondercon hit in 87.  Making way to the show in the surrounding hood off of Broadway exists not one sign of a big show taking place, which made me feel like is this really the right day of the Expo?  Entering the doors of the Oakland Convention Center was the first sign that Image Expo was here with an 8 1/2 x11sign that showed the Image Expo logo and in bold printed this way with an arrow.

Cruising through around 3pm brought me back to the local shows I attended as a kid that was all about the love of comics, toys and other goods with maybe a hundred others or so.  Image Expo hits on all this but of course with a very thematic Image-feel in everything you see with all the backing of the brand and creative.

All the big-time writers and artists that strengthen and power Marvel/DC with Image links were on hand be it the original creators- Mark Silvestri, Erik Larson, Whilce Portacio, Todd McFarlane, to the killer talents that run shit now-- Brian K. Vaughn, Jonathan Hickman, Robert Kirkman and more.

One of the most creative cats in the game,  Jonathan Hickman
For anyone that is not into the orgy of crowds that usually fill the hallways and fight for the schwag /giveaways gotta roll thru Image Expo to experience what is actually a pleasant, relaxing and non-crazed con experience.

Today's activities will be filled with everything WALKING DEAD, many comics-related announcements, and special panels that let you get up close and in the mind of your top Image creators.

Was shocked to not have to wait the usual 30 deep in line or so to chat it up with Marvel Architect, Jonathan Hickman and wax philosophic on the best book ever  IMO- Nightly News and whats next for Dr.Doom, Valeria and the rest of the Power Pack in FF. 

Was really great to see an environment that was calm and devoid of the usual star-gazing groupies looking for a story to share with their friends despite their non-participation in the real shiz of this biz.  So this year the Bay lost Wondercon to Anaheim but gained Image Expo.  Not a bad thing at all-- come thru today and tomorrow for the show.  BOOM!

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