Feb 18, 2012

Mixed Plate Comics- Week of 2.15.2012

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Hey ya'll!!  So between the daily grind owning me the last few months and going on the deep end in heroclix-- I have eventually found my way back into the piles and piles of backlogged, neglected comics.  This is actually my first week of reading through all the weekly pulls since...dayuum way back in December (helps that it was a light week)...oh the shame.

Alright enough about me and on to those panels of goodness.  This week I read: B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: The Long Death #1 / Daredevil #9 / Green Lantern Corps #6  / Nightwing #6 / Birds of Prey #6 / Wonder Woman #6 / Winter Soldier #2 / Batman #6 / Catwoman #6 / Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi- Force Storm #1 and the most killer of these sequential art experiences were ...
   Wonder Woman  #6   Brian Azzarello, Tony Akins & Dan Green
I am not as well scripted in Greek mythology as much as some of my other friends though being a diehard WW reader for the last 6 years.  With that all said the last 6 months of Azz/Chaing's Amazonian ride is easily the most immersive and entertaining take on WW period.  No comparison yo.

How fucking sick and ballsy is it to see (okay doesn't actually show her doin it but that makes our imaginations run with it even more!) Diana rip up some centaurs with her bare-ass, bloody hands.  

The visual representations of Poseidon as a tentacled, nasty-ass, frog giant and Hades as a candle-face burning kid were ill-mastered by the crazy craftsmanship of Tony Akins--who steps in for Chaing as a super-sub. 

Loved this ish and lets hope to see that naggy, preggers chick get killed off already in the next arc ; P

   Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi- Force Storm #1   John Ostrander, Jan Duursema & Dan Parsons
But of course all of the Jedi comes from some mysterious, flying Pyramids from space!  As straight redick as some of Ostrander and team's concepts were in ish 1-- I was still invigorated and felt appeased at what was a solid start to the untold story of the beginnings of the Jedi/Sith.

Cool shit experiencing all of the familiar races and worlds of Star Wars being repped even from over a millenia ago- but again some of the deets were way overgeneralized-- like the  gathering of those that were born with the force versus those that were not.   

Appreciated the SW ode to history, religion and mythology that were borrowed from and infused into this seriously daunting, audacious script but you all know this prequel of all prequels had to be told!!

Duursema and Parsons page by page storyboards were on point and the imaginative, especially the ancient costuming and use of blades before there were lightsabers kicked Mandalorian ass.

The force hounds owned it while those weird, prawn-looking force lightening-wielding bosses were meh.  Look forward to ish 2 and the continued fleshing out and explanation of the beginnings of this rich, Galactic-sized story.

  Winter Soldier #2  Ed Brubaker, Butch Guice & Bettie Breitweiser
How do you follow-up ish one of the soviet snipers (yes, Winter Soldier and Black Widow) that we can't get enough of?!

Well, throwing in a rat-a-tat-wielding Gorilla that sports a jet-pack to battle the duo and throw in the G of all G's in the Marvel U--muthaeffing Victor Von Doom!!!

Let's just say that you don't know who Ed Brubaker is but loved the Black Widow (Cornell) or Spiderwoman (Bendis) books that were out over a year ago-- if that's the case-- you just have to add this gangsta title to the pull-list.

Brubaker & Guice tag-team us into what is another killer spy vs. spy, noir-esque storyline that reads faster than you expect and makes you get kinda pissed that its another 30 days till we get some more of Marvel's own Mr. and Mrs. Smith (which Brubaker promised this book would feel like).

2    Batman #6    Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion
Batman vs. the Court of Owls comes to its maniacal crescendo with Bats reliving his ancestors cursed path of being manipulated, hunted and killed off.

Watching on as Talon and the Court succeed in the mental breakdown of Bruce is enthralling and a rare glimpse of the Batman in a vulnerable, nearly broken.

Would have been great to see his mental safety mechanism- Zurrenrah, kick in but we all learn that Bats actually planned every chain of event to pull the carpet from Talon and the Court.

A real close one here for the Dark Knight, so imagine how he will be able to face multiple Talons...

1    Catwoman  #6  Judd Winick, Guillem March & Tomeu Morey
This book and creative team is still my go to in the New 52 six months later. Selina Kyle rips apart a meta in true Tyson-like fashion along with the rest of some dirty-rotten GCPD.  Cats wins her score until some other badass steps in. March and Morey are easily my top art/colorist team of all the monthlies and just bananas how somehow Gil's art is improving and taking on an almost Van Sciver (who is the greatest artist in comics IMO) likeness.

Bats and Cats have a real, crazy moment as Selina continues to unravel into her shattered, dark self.  Thank you all for your continued readership and see you at Image Expo!!

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