Feb 17, 2012

RE:GENERATION movie review - Ultimate Remix of Musical Genres

11:52 AM

When I saw the trailer for RE:GENERATION, I was definitely hyped. The documentary was straightforward: five influential DJ's collide to write, record, and collaborate a brand new track with an assigned musical genre like country, classical, soul R&B, etc.  Each DJ took on a different musical style and approach to the challenge which was entertaining and wonderful to watch. Skrillex, for example, created a track with The Doors and Mark Ronson (did I mention he was hot) conjured some of my NOLA memories by formulating a jazz piece with Trombone Shorty, Erykah Badu, and Mos Def.

The documentary had me hooked from beginning to end. Amir Bar-Lev, the award winning documentarian, pieced the DJ's experiences together smoothly without any *hiccups*. DJ Premier was the perfect catalyst character for the documentary. Primo's track with Nas was the shit. The classical rhythm and the hip hop beats flowing behind them with Nas' rhymes was sickness.

Anyone who loves and appreciates different musical genres, DJ's, and music documentaries, I strongly recommend watching this.

The next showing is February 23, 2011 in select theaters or catch it on Blu Ray later this year.

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