Sep 30, 2010

Missed Connections- Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

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After watching this flick I was stoked. So much that I went into the bins thinking how could they have hit on nearly every vital aspect of that Loeb/Turner classic back in 2004, I pulled all 6 issues and with a speculative eye re-read em. On-point like a mofo. These cats over at WB/DCU Animation really come through with faithfully translating what made this book so epic-- sure you got the big names that made this all possible in Batman and Superman-- but label

the film Apocalypse and you have so much to allow the audience to hone in on.  My initial impression was damn, they were so smart in showcasing more on the female characters- of course with Kara/Supergirl to connect with all those teenage, geek-girls.

And from there you throw in Wonder-Woman, Harbinger, Artemis, other Amazonian-warriors, Big Barda, Granny Goodness and her Furies... I was saying to myself-- those bastards at DC have 

just made their second feature film (after Wonder-Woman) -- that really speaks to those loyal ladies that rarely see stories/projects of significance center on their gender.

Very smart.  Though a lot of the story was pushed through Supes and Bats, a central theme throughout Apocalypse was celebrating Girl-Power in the DCU.

Checkout some of the double-date action of Batman, Barda, Wonder-Woman and Superman when they boom into Apocalypse.

In the sneak peek featurette that is coolest place to peep after watching the movie (3rd goes to the showcase) highlighted All-Star Superman, which hits shelves in the Spring.  And what you will find emphasized by WB Animated heads- Romano, Timm and Novak, is that we should expect more and more from each and every film that comes out to be closer to the source material and more entertaining than the last.

Based on what we have seen with how good Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is, I am salivating for the animated release of Morrison and Quitely's new school classic.

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