Sep 28, 2010

Williams III is Killing It

6:25 PM

The long-awaited return of  JH Williams III to the world of comics, or more specifically Batwoman is but months away-- but thanks to Robot6 of CBR we got some snippets to hold us off some.  First off, lets peep some of that glorious JHWIII artwork.

I may not be the biggest fan of writer/artists though I truly appreciate the creative talent in those that can accomplish both and do so in a timely, high quality fashion.  But if there was ever an artist out there, based on experience (worked with all the greats- Moore, Rucka, Morrison) pedigree and pure atmospheric, engrossing visuals that tug at the emotions and fill your mind with the dialogue-- all without the word bubbles and narration-- look above and you get it.

JHWIII was made for this.

Being the pro he is and knowing the stakes are high, Batwoman #0 (released November 24th) will be a collaborative effort with his old pal W. Haden Blackman as co-scribe and up and coming star Amy Reeder as co-artist, the regular series will reunite all three with it's release in February.

To the left is Reeder's 1:10 variant and of course the standard cover, of which both show JHWIII sick, original, graphic-heavy style.  We are so there.

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