Dec 14, 2009

Classic Material- Avengers Disassembled

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Just had to go with Bendis/Finch's incomparable Avengers Disassembled. Yeah, this may a bit pragmatic with the start of Siege- marketed as the event 7 years in the making...well, this is where it all starts folks.

Things seem just fine and dandy at the Avengers mansion, when suddenly a very unexpected guest stops by. The visitor is a walking dead version of the Jack of Hearts(a deceased ex-Avenger). After the emotional mind-f*ck of seeing your friend (ala Blackest Night) he explodes himself and everything and everyone in the next block. At least he said sorry =(

From there matters only get worse. How bad?  How about a drunk ass Iron Man at the UN about to repulsor blast the eff out of a delegate (sure he is from Latveria, but come on that is just racist).

Next, Bendis/Finch show just how much love they have for the Avengers by not just delivering Vision (also dead) but he is simply an implant for Ultron..correction, a g'dayum army of Ultrons!

The heroes prevail, but are slowly being picked off- one by one and you start to think that we have seen the end of this major jack of Marvel's super crew. Wrong! In one scene, I become an instant fan for Hawkeye(who I thought was just a purple, West Coast rip of another green-garbed archer). He gets shot in the back by a Kree warrior- his arrows are on fire and...

All of this senseless, world-ending chaos begins to make everyone think something is going on, but of course it takes the mystic sorcerer- Dr. Strange to explain things and boy does it hurt.

Shit when it comes down to it, what do I know? Who better than to speak directly on the importance of this classic arc than the creator himself- Bendis.

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