Dec 14, 2009

Babs' Weekly Stand-Up Comics- 12.14.09

7:42 PM

Babs works this week's Stand-Up Comics for the newbies, going over some titles that would be choice jumping on points for any reader:
Daredevil #503- Diggle/DeLaTorre/Ribic are easily one of Marvel's new school dream teams doing their thang to hold it down for the House of Ideas.
Green Lantern Corps #43- Yep, not one of her picks but she told us to rec' our own.  One of my
top 5 books for the last 2 years and any new reader has to know what Blackest Night is all about!!
Astonishing X-Men #33- So far I am gravitating back to being a X-fan thanks to this creative team. Emphasis on the artwork tho, you really get lost in those spreads!

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