Feb 1, 2012

Mass Effect: Invasion #3 Stumbles but #4 Wraps it Up Nicely

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While Mass Effect: Invasion #1 and #2 were solid entries to the Mass Effect universe, so I dived in to the next two ready to immerse myself yet again.

With the third installment, Invasion started to flounder. Both #1 and #2 had a good amount of development to keep pushing the series further while still climbing towards a climax. The third ends up on a plateau, offering only panels of more action on Omega. This would usually be exciting, but only one significantly important moment occurs in what otherwise is filler, seemingly written just to hurry up and get to the last installment.

Mass Effect: Invasion #4 brings it back on track however. We get to see perspectives from both Cerberus and Aria as they try to outwit each other to gain control over Omega. The ranks within Cerberus itself also gets put to the test, as those within Cerberus wonder what the true intention was by trying to take control of Omega. The ending, which I'll leave up to readers to find out, is satisfying.

We're left with things to ponder as we wait for Mass Effect 3's release. Though I didn't think it was possible, #4 leaves us with an impression that the Illusive Man is more of an enigma than we all thought.

Mass Effect: Invasion #3 and #4 is available from Dark Horse.

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