Oct 17, 2011

A New Threat is Unleashed on Omega in Mass Effect: Invasion #1

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BioWare and Dark Horse have teamed up in the past for some awesome Mass Effect comics (see here and here) that gave us an in-depth look at the ME universe and its characters. Now, as we wait for Mass Effect 3 to release in March 2012, Dark Horse and BioWare brings us another four-part comic series, Mass Effect: Invasion.

Any fan of the sci-fi action RPG is already very familiar with the merciless Aria T'Loak, the self-proclaimed queen of the seedy space station Omega. Set about a year after the events in Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect: Invasion reveals that despite a strained relationship with the pro-human organization Cerberus, profit prevails and Aria continues to allow Cerberus to use Omega as a supply hub. This becomes a costly mistake when suddenly dangerous creatures escape out of one of Cerberus’ transport ships and wreak havoc on the station.
This is an action packed intro that reveals some new enemies that are definitely not going to be easy to take down. The pacing and excitement is constant, and it deepens our understanding on how tough-as-nails Aria handles business on Omega. The art is solid, especially the cover art by Massimo Carnevale (poster quality!). As a huge Mass Effect fan girl, I definitely think it’s a must for all Mass Effect fans. It’s a really good way to satisfy your ME cravings until the third game comes out and will deepen your experience with the story once the game does finally release.

The issue leaves off on a great cliffhanger too. I’m trying not to spoil anything, but the Illusive Man truly is an enigma and I cannot wait to pick up the following two issues. Check a sneak peak of the first 7 pages here.

Mass Effect: Invasion #1 comes out on Wednesday, October 19th. Definitely go get it!

Side note: This is definitely not an ideal comic for anyone new to the universe. There’s a lot going right off the bat that readers would likely not know unless they have at least played Mass Effect 2. I highly recommend either playing the game or perhaps reading Mass Effect: Evolution before diving in to Invasion.

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