Oct 16, 2011

NYCC 2011- Cosplayin It

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NYCC is well known for being one of the most celebrated of all the Cons when it comes down to the art of cosplay.  After scraping through over a 100 or more photos I thought I would chronicle some of my faves that were shot during the show and of course my sweet narration that goes down your ear like honey.

We got ourselves a sick action shot of Psylocke in her Uncanny X-Force fatigues, looking to do more than just cut up a rug. And our fave demented beauty, the Scarlet Witch about to go cray-cray on our reality -- hex me baby, ah-yah! Marvel has gone beyond just being down with their cosplay fans but also helping the build an even deeper community-base and busting some of the coolest shots, pictorials and well produced photoshoots of the best fanmade custom interpretations we have seen.  Dazzler, Wasp, Domino and Dark Phoenix together?!  Whoa.  Thanks for busting your magic Judy!
Courtesy of Jay Toblante Photography
The fellas were also out doing work and gotta give big, big ups where they are due with those that truly capture the essence of a character be it the baddassery of Mr. Luke Cage or Mr. T.  Both are seriously getting it done son.

via Destructoid
Bosco Albert B.A. Barracus never looked better in the flesh since well, we had Laurence Tureaud bringing his bling to the mainstream.

Sorry Rampage, but you just couldn't handle the role.

This crazy foo not only goes over the top with multicolored feather earrings, endless bling, that ill mug, gold grenade ready to pull, but check out that crazy-ass gold-plated bazooka?! This guy is loco ono.

Muthafucking sick yo!  B.A is handling it on some other shit.  Check how amazed that chick is in the background.  Every con you usually come across a cosplayer that just stays with you hours after the show and while there were many, yes even another fab-redic Bumblebee (at 10' tall)...there was only one that took me.
via MTV Geek
Teenygeek, live NYCC, the livest one, representin B-K to the fullest, claws she pull it, bastards duckin, when she be buckin, straight X-23 no punk'n, ain't no stuntin, yes-yes- you know girl be handlin.'

Oh shit, looks like the holy spirit of Biggie just got me.  Unbelievable.

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