Dec 20, 2010

if you don't know, now you know- DC Animated's Next

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Yes, we all know that All-Star Superman will be hitting our living rooms in the next 2 months which from viewing the teaser back in September and then looking over the back of the recently released cover art-- we will be getting ourselves a very, very Morrison-esque version of his original story-- in full on animated form.

I was hyped to also see that they even got a shot of Lois in full-fledged Super-Woman gear, that was one of those great additions of Quitely/Morrison's tale which was about as heartfelt (yeah throw up now) as it is action-packed.

Like, you I noticed how we are missing a very sad, empty space in the lower-left corner of the Bluray that usually highlights the Second Feature of lesser celebrated heroes (Green Arrow, Jonah Hex, The Spirit).  But, don't get all sad quite yet.

This is connected at the hip to Morrison of all people-- who is for those unaware becoming a comic-god, gone viral in the mainstream media-- holding it down in documentaries, music videos and so on.

So of course the Big Mo takes a good amount of space on the supplemental vids.  Oh, throw in a full digital res of the digital comic to show how faithful DC Animated is in bringing it -- kaboom!

For more on this and Batman Year One to be probably the highest grossing US comic DVD animation ever....peep the cool interview below.

And let's not forget the filler between the two that quite honestly I am just utterly stoked about.  Thanks to good ole Bruce Timm we know that the Emerald Knights will be Sinestro and most likely all of the guys below in each of their own deconstructed stories that blend together, ala Batman:Gotham Knights. 

All back to the DCU Online Beta!!! 

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