Dec 22, 2010

toy collectwhore: Star Sapphire Wonder-Woman

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Holy sh*tballs Batman!  The last two weeks have been nutso for those DC-faithful toymongers between the first series of Green Lantern Classics last week and Blackest Night wave 6 today..cha-ching!!  Oh this was by design ya'll, afterall it is the Holidays right?!

Thanks again for following my mindspray at dropping intel on figs for ya'll and though we are already at rev#4 --  I will drop again how I rate the sculpts based on these three things:
#1 Artistic Integrity: How well does this sculpt interpret the original art/concept from the source material?
#2 Fun Factor: Out of the box, what you got?  Stiff articulation, serious poser or wot?!
#3 Fo-reals brah: This is where we round it all up and connect on relevance, significance and just about anything else that comes to mind on dakine.

Star Sapphire Wonder-Woman
Artistic Integrity:  If you missed the phenomenon of The Blackest Night event last year, well go pick up the trade...I jest (but really you should if you haven't).. okay, so imagine The Walking Dead-- but instead of a bunch of random people that are affected by zombies-- it is the whole of the DC Universe.  And one of the freshest parts that took place, involved Wonder-Woman who went through two very incredible transformations.  Though the figure is not as visually arresting as the lovely Greg Horn art, it's still fly.

DC Direct hold it down like no other on crafting toys to breathe true artistic styles in cast & molds. 
5 out of 5 shakas  

Fun Factor:  Like the Brainiac review I busted last week, the same issue on lack of posability really hinders this otherwise incredible piece of art.  Most Mattel / Four Horseman-crafted figs boast real articulation points of ridic amounts that surpass 20 movable joints.  Star Sapphire Wonder-Woman is kicking it oldschool with only hitting less than ten posable areas.  Seriously, not even allowing movement in the wrists fellas?!  The only aspect that makes this stay in the realm of solid (3 stars) is this is an original cast that's not just re-painted.  Also, the movement in the neck/head rocks.  
3 out of 5 shakas

Fo-reals brah:  Despite all that, you got a serious toy that allows hardcore and casual comic readers to geek out over the two variations of Princess Di that we saw come out of Geoff Johns' masterpiece event and as you can see it stands Amazonian tall with the rest of the best figs (missing here is the armored Kingdom Come sculpt) that have been made in the last three or so years.   

 4 out of 5 shakas 

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