Dec 28, 2010

Mixed Plate Comics- Week of 12.22.10

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In our last weekly comic reviews for 2010-- we get to go out big with a mouthful of a dozen ono reads.  Here is what fed my voracious nerd diet during X-Mas week:  Wonder Woman #605 / Nemesis #4 / Batman Annual #28 / Fantastic Four #586 / Justice League: Generation Lost #16 / Incognito #2 / Green Lantern Corps #55 / Batman Incorporated #2 / Green Lantern: Larfleeze #1 / Power Girl #19 / Secret Avengers #8 / Teen Titans: Cold Case #1

5   Power Girl #19   Judd Winick & Sami Basri
After taking on some of Max Lord's high powered goons-- one of em that is a straight clone of her-- PG calls a meeting with the JSA to pull down the veil of Lord's disappearing act.  But even with the help of Batman (Dick Grayson), they fail.

Just like the time when they were in the Bat-Bunker talking about how Max Lord has fooled the world into forgetting his existence and coming up with a plan-- a mental trigger flips and all of a sudden everyone in the room has a 420 moment.

The JLI flashback in the beginning is dope and gives me hope into the rumors that there will be a JLI book at the fin of Generation Lost and why not include Power Girl on that squad?!  Let's face it-- the JSA brand has been one big meh since Johns moved on from the title.  Right?!

4   Secret Avengers #8   Ed Brubaker & Mike Deodato
Commander Rogers and his hit-squad continue their battle with the Shadow Council and Shang Chi's a**hole father.  Love how Brubaker is making use of the creation from his Immortal Iron Fist book-- the Prince of Orphans.  

Deodato balances his dope craft of panelling with standard fare during tactics and group pow-wows but once the heat intensifies he makes the panels go 3D on ya with the action sequences nearly jumping off the pages.  Dope indeed.

Max Fury and John Steele of the Shadow Council hijack the Avengers Quinjet and make off with Roger's GF that makes him go all Wolverine on em with his very own fastball special with War Machine.  In the lists of Best of 2010 books-- this is definitely one of em.

3   Teen Titans: Cold Case #1   Mark Sable & Sean Murphy
This book here was a real surprise in the weekly stack.  I knew nothing about it, but the cover said enough.  Captain Cold and the Rogues vs. the Teen Titans (in the background a shot of Deathstroke, who of course masterminded it all).  I looked down at the creator credits and was further geeked out to see Sean Murphy (Joe the Barbarian, Hellblazer).

The story takes place a bit after Identity Crisis and makes use of the emotional bomb of Robin's loss of his father at the hands of the original Boomerang.  Yes, this is played so well by the master-manipulator Slade-- who uses his daughter's crush on Drake as a way to have the Young Justice attack the Rogues secret lair.  

Murphy's fluid artistry does wonders for the faceoff between what would seem a one-sided battle on the side of the Rogues, but instead it highlights the struggle of young heroes and their ability to work together cohesively.  The writing was a bit off-point as it didn't ride enough of the dark mood that Brad Meltzer owned and stamped all over our psyche in Identity Crisis.  If you are a fan of the Ravager/Rose, you will love this ish as it wraps around her character very nicely.  I wonder if this was written at the time of the mega-event or if this was just recently put together-- I suppose the latter yeah?

2   Green Lantern: Larfleeze Christmas Special #1   Geoff Johns & Brett Booth
How can you not make a Holiday special that highlights Geoff Johns' version of the greedy Grinch and how he almost stole X-Mas?!  The book lived up to the year-long hype since it was announced and even came wrapped up with some special goodies like a crossword puzzle, a Glomulus comic-strip, Orange Lantern cookie recipe, GL pinup and even a fold-up ornament!!! 

Booth's art was fantabulous and GJ as usual killed it. 
If anything from how many books I saw ordered and sold off the shelves-- expect much more Larfleeze specials in the coming years. 

If there is anything I can complain on, is the less than 20 pages long for a $3.99 book.  Oh well, if anything it adds to the theme.

1   Batman Incorporated #2   Grant Morrison & Yanick Paquette
What better way to end 2010, then with the fresh new title that is giving all of us what we wanted-- more of Morrison and his long-awaited Batman Inc stories!!  The big kicker for me is how well Paquette's work meshes with the eery, creepy, sexy stylings of GMo.  Also, it is great to see Batman dive back into what he makes him super-- the uncanny, deductive, cluemaster skills that keep him 5 steps ahead.  And let's face it, Batman and Catwoman is much more of the draw than Batman & Robin.  Done and done!  Happy New Years!!!!!

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