Dec 29, 2010

My 2010 Playlist: Songs

12:45 PM

These are the songs I found myself constantly hitting repeat every time they popped up... (In a particular order. Alphabetical in fact):

Airplane by Local Natives: This band gets compared to Grizzly Bear a lot... which is cool cause I like Grizzly Bear.

Audience by Cold War Kids: Released on an EP this year that is barely holding me over until their next full album.

Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National: "What kind of suicide music is this?" asked a friend who just jumped in my car while this album was playing. Sad bastard bullshit indeed.

Crown On The Ground by Sleigh Bells: Speaker-bustin' music that makes me want to get into a high speed car-chase.

Escape Velocity by The Chemical Brothers: Yes the Brothers Chem put an album out this year, and yes... this song made me miss raves.

I Can Change by LCD Soundsystem: I was never a fan of the 80's synth Biran Eno era, but if it sounds like this, I am game.

Impossible Soul by Sufjan Stevens: Not many modern artists could create a 25 minute song, much less make it amazing.

King of Spain by The Tallest Man on Earth: One of the most unique voices I heard last year.

Lost In The World by Kanye West: Kanye & Bon Iver on a dance track?!?!

Norway by Beach House: Like a dreamy Sigur Ros that I can actually understand the words to the song.

One Life Stand by Hot Chip: Maybe the most romantic song of the year. Maybe.

Power by Kanye West: Black Superhero music y'all!

Right On by The Roots: Another Hip-hop/Indie pairing. Joanna Newsom gets funky.

Shutterbug by Big Boi: I feel cooler listening to this.

Sinister Kid by The Black Keys: Amazing from the first "unh!" to the last note. Also, it keeps up the proud tradition of white boys singing the blues with black female back-up singers.

Smith Bros. by Wu-Tang vs. The Beatles: Sue me, I still dig mash-ups.

Someone's Missing by MGMT: Right when this song really hits its stride... it ends. It disappoints me every time as well.

Tightrope by Janelle Monae: Amazing song from an easliy amazing and eclectic album.

Vaporize by Broken Bells: "I was lost then and I'm lost now, and I doubt I'll ever know which way to go." Mercer+Danger Mouse=genius.

White Sky by Vampire Weekend: I'm pretty sure the lead singer is a eunuch.

Your Hands (Together) by The New Pornographers: Not sure how such a geeky looking band can make such a barn-stompin' song.


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