Dec 18, 2010

Back to the Future Cover O' the Day- "The Most Dangerous Earth of All!"

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Justice League of America #30
National Comics (DC), September 1964
Writer: Gardner Fox     Artist: Mike Sekowsky

Had to drop props on this cover not only cause of it's pure genius in being a major reference point for the Multiverse concept of the DCU-- but also cause it gives shine to three of my fave icons in the books today.  This title continues the story of the first ever crossover team-up between the Justice Society of America (Earth 2) and the Justice League of America (Earth 1) to faceoff between the Crime Syndicate (Earth 3).

Yes, it all sounds corny-- but these are concepts from the 60's that till now-- is fresh, compelling and has influenced some of the best stories of today, like Morrison and Quitely's take on this tale retold for today- JLA: Earth 2.
How fab is it to see dork-extraordinaire, Jimmy Olsen be imagined as more of a lecherous, pervy, stalker of Superwoman (the doppelganger of Wonder Woman from the Crime Syndicate).

Rather than be labeled as Elseworlds or Earth-One non-continuity spinoffs of the characters we love-- the notion that there are other worlds out there that any any given moment can collide with ours is fascinating.

To add even more umph to this is that DC Animated released an original film that carried the torch and if you haven't checked it out-- you gotta peep it.

Fun Fact:  In JLA: Earth 2, Ultraman (The Superman of the Crime Syndicate) uses his super-sight to watch Owlman & Superwoman get it on-- along with sniping out anyone that talks bad of him on the planet with his heat-vision from space.  What a d*ck!

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