Dec 15, 2010

Snyder is Killing It

12:16 PM

Frank Miller fanboy, Zack Snyder has become the authoritative guide on how to make comics sexy and demanding through cinema.  In 300, Snyder made a film that said it was cool for the female species to join their BF for bloody-gorefest, Watchmen redefined the hero-film genre-- showing its okay to be a fat superhero, walk around nekkid if you are hung like Papa Smurf-- and with Sucker Punch in just 3 months,  and Superman: The Man of Steel next...Snyder is running things in Tinsel Town.

Yo Zack!  You had me at cute chicks locked in an all girl prison, wearing private school unis and fighting demon samurais & giant robots!! For the HD quality res of the featurette released today go to

And for the rest of the gallery too!

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