Dec 13, 2010

Mixed Plate Comics- Week of 12.08.10

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Another modest week in currents that still end up being posted a week later-- LAME!  That's what I get for maintaining the dark side in things.  Anyhow, these are the reads that maintained my funknotronic-geekazoid-status...REBELS #23 / Booster Gold #39 / Brightest Day #15 / Widowmaker #1 / The Flash #7 / Justice League: Generation Lost  #15  / Batgirl #16 / Shadowland: After the Fall #1 and the fab menage-a-trey goes something like this--

3   The Flash #7   Geoff Johns & Scott Kolins  
Don't get it twisted-- I enjoyed the whole last future-cop-rogue arc-- but this right here is what I have been waiting for since Blackest Night.  An encounter between the two revived villains and some needed pickup by Johns on the P's and Q's as to why these guys are back from the dead.

And in perfect fashion this ish and the next work as mini-origin tales to get everyone up to speed on the Reverse Flash and O.G. Boomerang- just call em Digger.

Kolins always seems to bring his Louisville Slugger when he pairs with Johns-- too bad he can't keep that same wicked balance between sketch and sharpness on the pencils in DCU Legacies.  Just saying yo.  Flash #8 can't come soon enough so I can get more of my Eobard Thawne fix on!!  The three pages of their "talks" is some creepy-thrilling sh*t.  Boom!!

2   Batgirl #16   Bryan Q. Miller & Dustin Nguyen
Bryan Q. Miller is like a mini-me Geoff Johns in how well he flips the script whether it is for small screen in Smallville (did you all catch last week's Lionel episode?!) or in the cult-hit of a book known as Batgirl. 

Can't say in these last two issues I don't miss Lee Garbett, but who better to bring some of his own creative-shit to the mix then the illmatic Dustin Nguyen.

Last ish was definitely a great showcase of his dynamic artstyle, while this ish gets more down and dirty in the shadows and caves that Steph has become more adept at goin' to work in (yes, a lot of my lingo comes from watching way too much Sportscenter).

For those of you that have yet to pickup this book and love the Birds of Prey-- jump on it!  This is like a teeny-bop version of that but with a lot more Oracle facetime (sent from my iPhone4).  Yeah, I am wot?!

1  Justice League: Generation Lost  #15  Judd Winick & Joe Bennett
Initially, when this title was announced I knew it would be solid-- with Winick, Lopresti, Bennett and team on the effing JLI-- but never did I think this would be a top-tier must read that is up there with Secret Six as the must slept on title of the last year.  How in the hell does this book not sell over 20K copies, oh yes-- no Superman or Batman in the book.  That is so wack!  

Alright.  So the book opens with Max on a rant kinda like I just was being that he can't seem to find his ole pal- Wonder Woman.  Later, in a machismo-faceoff between two of the most unlikely-- yet fave B-list DC characters of mine-- come across the same revelation of Diana being off of the grid in the same way that Max is.  Okay, mini brief-- Wonder Woman killed Max Lord, who recently was revived from death the mysterious White Lantern (Brightest Day)-- and now he is looking for some serious revenge.  Ah!!  So perhaps the DCU creative is in fact working a way for Wonder Woman's whole Stracynski-reboot to in fact be within continuity..will be interesting to see how that develops.

The plot thickens folks.   Oh and then Fire gets caught in a drive-by shooting from some zombified mummy creatures.  Cool!!!  Can't wait till this Wednesday when the current stacks go back to double-digits so I can talk story on more of the best new ish.  Peace!

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