Oct 17, 2010

WTF moment of the week- The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

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Flipping channels during a nice hangover this weekend got me stuck on Disney XD for a few hours and no, I wasn't catching up on the latest Zeke and Luther (why do I even know this??)  To my surprise, all 20 Avengers: EMH! micro-episodes were being aired sequentially in anticipation of next week's premiere on Wednesday (5:30P/8:30E).

I caught a few of these web teasers when they started 2 months ago, but spending time and catching all of em was enough to fill a 30 minute spot on the DVR every Wednesday.  Each of the micro-episodes focused on one of the major players that will be apart of the Avengers cast.  The animation, voice-acting and thematic direction is solid and has enough mature undertones to keep the "big kids" tuned in.  What got me instantly

hooked and intrigued was in the Captain America webisodes-- that was played as an archive by Kang the Conqueror-- highlighting Steve Rogers origin and role in leading the Allies against the Red Skull and Hydra.  The freshest moments was a scene with the Howling Commandos about to lead an assault and none other than Logan was included.  Cap asked for Logan to get some recon and boom-- we get that lovely SNIKT!

But even cooler was when Bucky and Cap were on the tail of Red Skull (jump to 4:10 in the vid below) and we get some geeky-fab foreshadowing into who we most likely will be seeing in later episodes of the Avengers.  I so love how many of the great modernized story threads/concepts from comicbooks are being applied to all of the mediums-- be it TV, film, toys and videogames.  Avengers Assemble!!

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