Oct 15, 2010

if you don't know, now you know- New Mattel and DC Direct Figs in 2011

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With the NYCC 2010 winding down and the majority of news related to comics, toys, film and TV being released-- I thought it was time to go over some of the intel we were most amped about and why not start with dem TOYS..ahem I meant articulated statues for the adult collector *wink*

DC Direct has been on a straight rampage with their highly comic-to-mold accurate figs based on the most popular events in the DCU.  From Batman Reborn, Blackest Night, New Krypton, Brightest Day and now Batman Inc.
                                                         Photos courtesy of Action Figure Pics.com

The first wave of the Batman Incorporated line slated for July 2011 will include Robin (Damian), Batman (Bruce Wayne), Man of Bats and Knight.  Everything about this line kicks arse-- first off these are all firsts with Damian/Robin (first Damian fig came out in the Batman & Son line packaged with Robin) as he was conceptualized from Frank Quitely, Bruce Wayne/Batman in his new tech gear/costume (that is pretty badass if you are reading Bruce Wayne: The Road Home) that was designed by David Finch and finally we get those obscure Batmen that were both brought back from the Batman tales of old (50's and 60's).
Oh and what do we got here...Brightest Day wave 3 on the mutheffin' shelves!!
                                                         Photos courtesy of Action Figure Pics.com

Joining Aquaman, Mera, Deadman, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm, Hawkman and Hawkwoman (Wave 1 and 2 release in March 2011) are White Lantern Flash, Aqualad (son of Black Manta), White Lantern Batman and Jade.  Though I think the Aqualad figure is dope (and I am sure will be a hit with the kids in the new Young Justice animation in November), Jade is meh, kinda resembling some non-emotional real-doll, these White-Lanterns are IMO a bit of a waste.  Sure, make some more skrill on the Flash re-paint..but why do we get a White Lanten Bats that was not even around for Blackest Night..right??!!  Where is Dove at?  BD wave 3 figs to hit shelves in August 2011. Come on DC Direct..

And now, on to the Green Lantern Classics series 2 from the mighty hand of The Four Horsemen of Mattel.
                                                                             Photos courtesy of Mattel

That is what I am talking about posers!!!

Following what was a proper start for Mattel's shift on focusing more on the cashcow/Green Lantern brand with their Walmart 5-pack exclusive (available now) and Green Lantern wave 1  (to be released in January), the Four Horseman take things to a whole other level of articulated awesomeness by bringing us Sodam Yat/Ion-- think what if Superman was a Green Lantern--who carries the burden of being the last Green
Lantern in the future, Green Lanterns-Nautkeilo/Medphyll that come packaged with one body and interchangeable heads (value baby!), Red Lanterns- Skallox/Night Lik (created by the Four Horsemen, named by Geoff Johns) also a value pack, a 3-pack of mini figs- Green Lantern B'dg, Red Lantern Dex-Starr & Sinestro Corps Despotellis, a tease for a figure direct from the GL movie (genius!), Star Sapphire (hmm..) and finally the sickest fig I have seen in sometime-- the C&C Green Lantern Stel-- who is the new Drill Sergeant of the GLC and has a likeness to some Robocop meets Halo/Iron-Man.

More deets on GL Classics wave 2 will be released in the January ish of ToyFare. So much to look forward to in 2011, so go and air-dust those shelves/figs and make room...I know I will.

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