Oct 13, 2010

Van Sciver is Killing It

11:53 PM

Straight up, this has to be one of the illest variants-- let alone covers we have seen hit the stands in some time.

I seriously had to cruise to three different shops to scoop this mutha up.  And if this EVS highlight of--Karu-Sil, IMO the baddest of the Sinestro Corps, left of the man himself wasn't enough -- we also get a story centering on her that is not only illustrated but written by Van Sciver!

The Untold Tales of the Blackest Night is released in perfect timing with the return of the Black Lanterns in Brightest Day #12.  In this great collab book you get 5 mini-stories, labeled as the deleted scenes- SICK!  EVS shines not only for his visceral, otherworldly art but by way of compressing in less than 7 pages on this sorely missed, bastard child of the Sinestro Corps.  Johns, Bedard, Tomasi...how about some more Karu-Sil stories huh?!!

Oh silly me...how can I forget to throw up this other fine piece of EVS art that will be helping to commemorate JLA #50 next week??!! 

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