Oct 8, 2010

Mixed Plate Comics- Week of 10.06.2010

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Last week was kinda soft with only 4 books, so I was no doubt pumped to pickup a sizable bundle of reads.  And hells yeah we are looking forward to January when most books go down to $2.99 again!!!  Yay to buying more books and here is what I grabbed at Comics Conspiracy for this week's reviews: Wolverine #2 / S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 / Brightest Day #11 / Secret Six #26 /Secret Warriors #20 / R.E.B.E.L.S. #21 / Red Hood: The Lost Days #5 / JSA All-Stars #11

5   Red Hood: The Lost Days #5  Judd Winick & Jeremy Haun
Jason Todd edges closer to the end of his lost tale on becoming Red Hood 2.0.  More of him going loco on a bunch of Russian mafia and showing his gift for Matrix-bullet time aerial combat along with his crafty, yet kinda perverse love for explosives.

The wetwork, bad son of Batman is crafted to the T by Winick/Haun in a way that harkens back to the Mazz/Miller classic of Batman Year One.

About time Jason Todd got his shine.  I highly doubt we will be seeing any more fan polls on whether he should get axed again with Red Hood becoming a prominent anti-hero and top-baddie for the new-school duo of  Batman & Robin.  So where did Taila go??!!

4   R.E.B.E.L.S. #21  Tony Bedard & Claude St. Aubin
Bedard continues the natural push of bringing both of his transgalactic books into some mad conflict by having his GL trainees (creations)-- Lantern Altin and Lantern Gorious-- face off against Vril's hired gun and top bastich bounty hunter- Lobo.
Though the fight sequences didn't do a whole lot for me, come on could this GL-in training really handle Lobo-- who can stand toe-to-toe with Supes-- yeah, nah-uh.

What I do enjoy though is how Vril uses a broadcasting across the galactic news to paint the Guardians of OA and their GLC as a big-brother, fascist group that is out of touch and doesn't have the right to "police" the Universe.  Thus the LEGION (or REBELS) gain more planets under contract for protection, the Guardians begin to see Vril as a major player and threat to the GLC and Lobo looks to become a part of the ever-growing, riff-raff cast of REBELS...for now.

3   Brightest Day #11  John/Tomasi & Reis/Gleason/Clark/Prado
Another sure-shot winner here ya'll.  More of what we love with the focus of this ish on Manta vs. Aquaman & Deathstorm vs. Firestorm.  Things become more personal with Jason and Ronnie as Deathstorm brings Dr. Stein and Mr. Rusch into their nuclear battlefield. 

Just love the blue flame imagery burned off of Deathstorm that looks so good with every panel turning black and though we all knew this would mark the return of the Black Lanterns-- wasn't that some sick sh*t how it all went down?!

I know many of you are psyched (like me) to see that we got those demented, zombiefied baddies back for some more Black Lantern drama, but who is that voice talking through the infected white lantern...Nekron is that you??!!  We will have to wait on till next ish to see more of these BD mysteries unravel.  Effing ill cover-work Mr. Finch!!

2   S.H.I.E.L.D. #4  Jonathan Hickman & Dustin Weaver
In Chapter Four of the "madness, the star child and the celestial madonna" -- we get more of Hickman & Weaver's mad-historic, Marvel-centric-retcon of the thing we know as S.H.I.E.L.D.

All of the cast and story is pushed forward and backward through time with Sir Issac Newton seemingly becoming the major "villian" with his stranglehold over the brotherhood, his capture and torture of Nostradamus and Sith-like ways in instructing the book's primary hero- young Leonid.

Leonardo De Vinci faces off with Newton (speaking in hieroglyph- so sick!!) and witnesses the rare birth of a celestial in of all places...the Sun.  Wrath of the math son. 

1   Secret Six #26  Gail Simone & J. Califiore
This image exemplifies everything that is soo damn good about the Secret Six.  Funny, sexy, fast-moving action for core-DC adult readers.  Translation:  SS is not for kids.  Bane's new splinter cell faces off against the Six and throw in the battlefield being in some Cretaceous-period, just to make things more amped.

Spy Smasher puts the Black Queen in check...and Vandal gets savage on Bane.  J. Califiore's art is on some  dirty rotten scoundrel shit, putting him in good company with lady devastator- Gail Simone.  Secret Six is Illmatic.

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