Oct 6, 2010

Mirren and Malkovich are Killing It- RED

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Thanks to DC, I got to peep an early screening of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner's comics to big-screen action/comedy extravaganza RED.  I feel like some scratched up vinyl saying this is another book that was missed at the shops, but what I have found is 99.5% of the time-- it is better that way- from the standpoint of not feeling movie-going letdown.  Okay so the exception was Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  So I am a big fan of everything I have read from Ellis' long list of books from Fell, Planetary to his most recent run on Astonishing X-Men.

Like Grant Morrison, Ellis is one of those once a decade kinda scribes that writes in the realm between genius and madman.  Knowing and sharing their exquisite, borderline OCD-laden knowledge of pulp-noir and effectively creating mood and images that allow the reader/viewer to become fully engrossed in their worlds.

Think for a minute on all those action/comedy flicks that were all the rage in the last 6 months-- Losers, A-Team, Expendables-- each and every flick was missing something in their formula- whether it was poor direction, casting or just plain old shitty stories.

RED delivers on what the action/comedy genre should be about-- gut-wrenching humor, sweat-induced violence and flat-out ENTERTAINMENT. 

From the trailers and start of the film you get this is a smart-ass, hand-to-the- face SHHLAAPP in the face of this Hollywood genre with casting that has an average age of 66 (not including Mary-Louse Parker,46 and Karl Urban,38).  The plot, direction and cinematography is solid.  But what you may have already read all over the interwebs and I just can't stress it enough is, RED is all about Helen Mirren & John Malkovich.

Though in ancillary roles, every and I mean every time the screen shines on em-- they own you.  Whether it is Malkovich in his comedic-crazed hilarity that will have you checking your pants later or the pure class, majesty and just GILF-ness of Mirren.  Went to the screening with my GF who usually falls asleep in theatres, I looked at her through many scenes and saw her grimacing from the hard-boiled action and cackling along just like the rest of the filled-house.

Oh and to the kids that were unaware of who Helen Mirren is and compared her to Meryl Streep...please, did Streep ever bust like this??!  Go see RED in theaters starting next week on Friday, October 15th!!

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Trey said...
October 7, 2010 at 4:42 PM


I was thinking this looked sweet, and this confirms it. During a poker night over a year ago, Jamie and I decided Mirren is the hottest woman over 50 - prestigious since she's 66.