Nov 9, 2010

Kirkman is Killing It

8:18 AM

Fresh off Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore's big win of Best Comicbook/OGN for The Walking Dead at the Scream Awards, the golden egg creation in it's small screen iteration has just been given the green light to shoot it's second season.  With just two episodes deep-- AMC boasts The Walking Dead as defying all expectations and becoming the most successful premiere in 2010 with over 5.1 million viewers.

Looking at you Frank, with your "yeah- I told you so", when I was hoarding all those Blackest Night books and not picking up what was the zombie-gospel as told by deacon Kirkman.  I am now, like many others dropping dead presidents to try and see whats next after the fantabulous second episode-- appropriately titled-- "Guts."

From talks with friends at the shops-- more and more of The Walking Dead trades are flying off the shelves-- just like the crazed spike in sales of Scott Pilgrim books when the movie hit theaters in the Summer.  I even caught some rich kid drop a cool 3 bens (trans. $300) on a first print of Walking Dead #1.  I was blown away by the transaction only to find that peeps at Ebay are dropping President Clevelands even!!??

Make that paper Kirkman!!  Yeah and jump on Invincible while you are at it as it should be the next Kirkman book to hit the small or big-screen in the future.

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