Jul 22, 2010

SDCC 2010 Edition- My Adventure Guide

5:15 PM

So I survived my first two days of adult Disneyland and when I say that I mean waiting in line for everything, yes everything brah.

Line for badge pickup...check.

Lines for getting in line to buy exclusives the next damn day...check.  Lines for autographs, buying prints, getting swag, trying new games, lines to ask questions to creators in panels, lines to take pics of cool ass cosplay..okay you get it.

As we speak, I am soo fucking lined out at Whiskey Girl, collecting my thoughts and impressions on what was the preview day and official day one of SDCC.  Oh Newcastle take away.... 

If you are an agro-hardcore, toy exclusive whore like me-- here are a few tips I learned on how not to blow several hours on getting those illusive figs.
1.  Spot out a few other hardcore toyheads like you and make friends with them.
They edumacated me on all the tips, tactics and trade secrets only found on the most hush-hush forums.  This allowed me to avoid waiting in a 2 hr line for Hasbro (thanks Mikee!!!), only to go to another one and a half hour line to pickup dem bomb-ass Galactus figs.  Smile!

2.  Networking is a powerful thing.  Play nice with all the staff and security, especially the security cos they can make your life hell-- there is a reason those signs are posted sayin they reserve the right to not give you shit no matter how many hours you are in line. 

3.  Have trusted friends/fam come pick up your pirates booty so you can enjoy the rest of the show without sweating like you felt like you just left your bikram yoga class.

To all those damn Hollywood folks that brought the masses to our geeky-cool comics show...thank you.  We would all not be getting as much shine..$200 million dollars in less than a week and hey, I kinda learned that I like being known as a dork.  Between Universal (Edgar Wright / Bryan O'Malley) playing on some Michael vs. Prince remix with Scott Pilgrim vs. ComicCon-- or the Hoff making his big comeback via AMC

how can you not dig an entourage of K.I.T.T. with Hoffman dancing in a bus, singing like he thinks we are all German-- and a band of nekkid (wearing red-bikinis/manthongs ala BayWatch) hired hands dancing on the streets to hype the old guy up!

SDCC!!!  Thank you!  Now on to the afterparties (and next three days of coverage).

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betty geek said...
July 23, 2010 at 3:54 PM

Thanks for the tips! See you tomorrow!