Jul 22, 2010

SDCC 2010, Ch. 1 - When Geeks, Nerds & Dream-Creators Unite

6:24 PM

Your friendly-neighborhood-island boy, Chessie, here...dropping in some pictures, words & thoughts - live from the Mecca of Free-Flowing Creative Thinkers & Imagi-tariuns.

Day 1, 8:30 at the Break O' Dawn - Mad mass amounts of folks. Either folks are part of the 25% California unemployed, took off of work, or playing hookie from their commitments. Nevertheless, its a breath of fresh air that people are here to support this industry. It shows that this creative medium is a force to be reckoned with. Often, Con's & fan's of this type of artistic genre get misinterpreted into just being big kid's who refuse to grow up. Well, like my grandma-ma always says to the ignorant who have their preconceived notions, F*ck 'em. Keep on truckin' my fellow geeks & nerds. Show them what they are missin'.

AND SCENE...let me get off my soap-box. Here are some initial images from the 1st full day of SDCC 2010:

When you need some ghosts that need sliming, you might wanna call these folks -

Robots, Zombies & Pikachu oh my -

At the Marvel booth, an awesome rendition of Odin's Lair -

...to be continued...

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