Jul 21, 2010

SDCC 2010 Edition- Let's Get It Started!

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So we are mere hours away from Preview Night and things are all but quiet on the interwebs and around the Gaslamp.

The raging-geeky madness that will consume our next 96 hours--clicky for full schedule--will be epic and this is what we think will serve the most cans of SDCC whoop-ass.  Wanna hear it, here it goes: Our TOP 3 things to do at SDCC!!

3  Get Exclusive-Wasted  Like many others we are straight packed like bento on things to do and peeps to see, hour by hour.  So tonight, I will be running from Kotobukiya, to Hasbro, to Mattel and to all the other toy pirates to grab those rare, pieces of articulated art for the shelf and of course to share with some of you that were not able to roll through to the big show.  Keep a look out here for the auctions we will be posting on only the most hyped draws this year like -

PRO-TIP:  Go to Sails Pavilion booth#9 to get a Hasbro retail ticket prior to going to queue up and with Mattel ask for a timed ticket (usually next day) to avoid wasting time in lines leaving empty-handed

2  Gaslamp Afterparty Debauchery  Yeah, how do you unwind after the 10-12 hours of cosplay watchin, panel hoppin and convention-overload??  Easy brah.  Walk across the street to cruise SDCC's equivalent to Mardigras.  If you don't quite know what to do or were not able to get on those guest lists we got you covered.

THURSDAY July 22nd from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m  --  Come join iFanboy, Diggnation and The Totally Rad Show for its annual meet/drinkup during Comic-Con at the House of Blues.

FRIDAY  July 23rd from 8:00 to 11:00pm -- Join the biggest GeekGirl Tweet-Up event of all time on Friday, July 23rd from 8pm-11pm at Jolt ‘N Joes (Gaslamp location) in San Diego.  Hosted by @geekgirls, @thenerdybird, and @geekgirldiva, this Tweet-Up is sure to be even bigger and better than NYC!

SATURDAY  July 24th from 7:00 to 10:00pm -- Take a break from the SDCC soirees and karaoke with your friends, locals while enjoying live music at the newest additions to the Gaslamp-- Analog Bar!

If you know anything about geek-culture...get there EARLY.  Think about that friend of yours that asked you to join them to watch Inception last week and they were sitting down in-line by themselves two hours beforehand?  Yeah, thats how we roll.  So come early or find yourself sitting outside queued up watching us have fun.

1  Panels, Panels and Panels  This is where we get the sneak peek, insider-look into our favorite comicbooks, movies, small-screen, toys and other artforms.  Whether it is picking the brains of dope creators like Bryan O'Malley, Geoff Johns, Joss Whedon and more.  These are a few of the panels that is making us drool all over ourselves--   
Thursday, July 22nd 6:00-7:00 Universal: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World— Genre-bending filmmaker Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz), graphic novel author Bryan Lee O'Malley, and the cast of Universal Pictures' Scott Pilgrim vs. the World provide a sneak peek of summer 2010's epic of epic epicness. The whole dayum cast will be all up in mug-- ahhh....Anna Kendrick. Q&A to follow.  Hall H  

Friday, July 23rd  4:15-5:15 DC Nation Special Edition It's the DC Nation State of the Union address as DC co-publishers Dan Didio & Jim Lee join forces to give fans all the info they can handle! With those two leading the Nation, expect the unexpected...The Nation welcomes all!  Room 6DE

Like last year we will be live-tweeting like a mofo so stalk us while it's still the cool thing to do!
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