Jan 11, 2010

if you don't know, now you know- Brightest Day

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Monday dread was quickly shaken off today with some good coffee and intel from the Source on what is to follow one of the greatest comic events (Blackest Night of course) since Crisis on Infinite Earths.

From 6am to just a few hours ago, DC has been taking over comic feeds across the interweb- releasing bits and pieces of what we can look forward to in April and the rest of 2010 through the DC Multiverse.

As one would expect, the brain trust of this follow-up event will be led by Geoff Johns & Peter Tomasi who have laid all the groundwork of the Green Lantern  / Blackest Night mythos and will be kicking it all off with Brightest Day #0 with the uber-talent of fellow Outsiders creator- Fernando Pasarin.

What got me out of my seat though, were the words Deathstroke's Titans being articulated verbatim by Dan DiDio as being part of the Brightest Day plans.

The new creative talent connected with this dope concept are Eric Wallace and Fabrizio Fiorentino- known for their most recent collabo, Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink. Things will kick off with the one shot- TITANS: VILLAINS FOR HIRE, with the regular series spinning out after.

Under the leadership of Slade-- we can expect his revived son Jericho, the Tattoed Man, Chesire and most likely Arsenal to round out the new Titans roster. 

With the core of the new JLA consisting of the old Titans crew, it is great to have an anti-hero book that can level out the playing field in the DCU.

The natural conflict that rests between Donna Troy, Cyborg, Batman/Nightwing and Deathstroke's Titans should make for some great drama on a more grand scale than previously held and have somewhat of a..do I dare say- New/Dark Avengers dynamic, with the use of the Titans name being smeared, or at least perceived as such by the heroes.

In a fantastically, rich IGN interview Johns explained how Brightest Day will unravel into the DCU in similar fashion to how 52 streamed from Infinite Crisis (thankfully it won't be a weekly-- whew!).

Not a bad idea bringing forward under-valued properties like Atom, Mera and Dove.  Looking back who would have thought that nearly 3 years later- Batwoman, The Question, Booster Gold and Rip Hunter would be focal points of such great books.

With the White Lantern logo reveal being an obvious indicator of a new Corps, which I don't quite know how to feel about-- we can assume more changes to characters that we care about...and hey, where is Stargirl in the cover below?

Will she be a White Lantern ring bearer? Who do you expect to join the new Corps?? Let the rumor mill spin baby!!!

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