Jan 10, 2010

Scott is Killing It

10:12 PM

Australian import, Nicola Scott (Secret Six, Birds of Prey) is a perfect match as illustrator for Blackest Night: Wonder-Woman with her dark, evocative imagery that she has crafted to a science in the last few years. In this ish, there is no need for zombified Max Lord mental attacks like the first book, thanks to the foreplay already being fleshed out in BN #5 where Diana joins the Black Lantern Corps.

You don't have to flip page to page in hopes of getting any action here.  Black Lantern Wonder-Woman is easily the most deadly and lethal of her other undead counterparts with a no-nonsense, Amazonian approach of feasting on her prey. 

From one bone-tingling panel to the next, Scott revels in this savage portrayal of the warrior princess. 

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