Dec 24, 2009

if you don't know, now you know- Deathstroke's Titans

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I only use this tag of whatever team Deathstroke puts together, as revealed in Blackest Night: Teen Titans #78, not because it sounds cool (cos it is about as lame as Titan's East or Terror Titans)-- but this has been the coined use on message boards and other blogs the last 3 months.

My happiness of such a thing like a book completely dedicated to Deathstroke (and his minions) is about as happy as I have been since the fantasmic use of Slade by Brad Meltzer in Identity Crisis. 

It is clear that JT Krul has done his homework on the Teen Titans/Titans mythos with his remarkable work on both BN books, which hasn't been the quality read & entertaining use of the junior league since, ahem...Geoff Johns' run.

With Roy Harper's sidestory on his decapitation filling the next few books along with General Lane dismantling the headquarters of the Titans, lets all hope for a major shakeup and perhaps a unified title reboot that takes place after the 4 part story on Red Arrow's transformation into Arsenal.

From what the cover reveals, which honestly isn't much these days a correlation to the script inside, I fathom some analogy to the fall of a certain Star Wars character and his questionable choice in mentors like, Darth Sidious..I mean Deathstroke.

At least this is what I will be hoping for!

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