Jul 23, 2011

SDCC 2011: Spotlight on David Finch

2:08 PM

Lucked out to snag a seat in the front 5 minutes into the David Finch panel starting and yes, I was late cause I was cutoff with 10 other people from Fox's Locke & Key pilot screening line. 

As I sat down and listened in on how casual and chill this room was with the audience asking questions from their seats and David repeating the question for some that couldn't hear-- just felt this was the right choice anyhow-- especially being that in past cons I never got to attend one of his solo panels or signings.

For such a major talent I liked how humble and straight-forward he was in explaining topics that ranged from his artistic influences, whats next with his Dark Knight title,  top Marvel moments and more.  Like when he said yeah I am big on Silvestri, Bisley, Keon, Charest and went further into it by going out and saying really I was just stealing from all those guys.

That was some ballsy and straight up real shit that made me appreciate him even more.  Finch went on about how when it comes to Batman-- Paul Dini is his guiding force as he is the Batman Bible.  From scribe to artists, he said his work on the Dark Knight book really vibes off of Edward Rizzo's work primarily to capture that mood, cityscape and shading effects.

On to top Marvel experiences-- Finch said he just loved his time with Charlie Huston on Moon Knight and Bendis on Avengers.  He came out of nowhere saying he hates drawing Iron Man cause his anatomy is tough and Utimatum was way to violent and he wished he could have been more vocal on not making it become a book that his kids can't even read.

Back to DC, Finch was ecstatic on how Paul Jenkins is taking over the writing duties for their book and he emphasized that writing is something he won't be doing again for sometime (I almost want to say he said never again)...

Finally, he will be busting more cover work on Justice League, Birds of Prey and JLI and why not go out with his favorite thing in the world..THE DOUBLE-PAGE SPREAD!!!!  Bwahahah!

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