Jul 22, 2011

SDCC 2011: Film District Panel

9:05 AM

Film District rolled out a star-studded group in Comic Con's massive Hall H to promote its upcoming films Drive and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, including Guy Pearce, Carey Mulligan and Ron Pearlman. (Katie Holmes, starring in Don't Be Afraid, must have been grounded again.) But Don't Be Afraid writer/producer Guillermo del Toro stole the show from all of them.

There were trailers (Drive, which garnered a Best Director win and Palme d'Or nomination for Nicolas Winding Refn, looked especially cool), banter and plenty of pleas too go see the movies. You can read about those things other places. For now, just read some of del Toro's best quotes completely, presented context-free below.

"After 40 years, anything that bulges is welcome."

"If they touch you in a place that feels wrong, you say. 'No.' You say, 'No, get the fuck away from me!'"

"I just wanted to meet this insane mother fucker."

"Those little fuckers never give up."

"He's the fucking man. Don't fuck with that guy."

"He has a giant ballsack. He needs a wheelbarrow to to carry it. And his wife is right there with him. She probably has a giant ballsack too."

"I'm not a guy who likes psycho killers with potato peelers and shit like that."

"Monsters, to me, are a living, breathing 'Fuck you.'"

One other bonus quote from Guy Pearce - with context!

Fan: "Was filming Memento confusing?"
Pearce: "I can't remember."

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark is in theaters August 26.

Drive is in theaters September 16.

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