Jul 21, 2011

SDCC 2011 is Bananas!!

5:31 PM

With Preview Day and official day one under the belt I got to say that my thoughts and sentiments on the all-mighty-Comiccon is that damn you are one massive mofo. Every year since 2009 for me at least has meant longer lines, more bumpin and grinding and everything else that for most would cause frustration and anxiety.  But like many of my nerd brethren I have found ways to cope and make the most of taking in the best of geek mecha despite the thousands of sweaty, freaky humans that we gotta max with.

Last year I was an exclusive-pimpin whore, so I gave some tips and pointers to one of my homegirls in attaining her glorious prize-- a Star Wars Death Star: Revenge of the Jedi 12 pack from Hasbro-- well all it required was a lot of time on her part.  She made the most of being in line from 9:30am to 1pm by grabbing a 2:00pm guaranteed ticket to wait in line yet again to drop that skrill for her eventual throne room centerpiece.  Betty looks happy yeah?! 

So my plan for today was to take in more of the showfloor hijinks, peep my fave writer Grant Morrison and hit up the first ever Game of Thrones panel.   First, met up with Trey at my regular watering hole thru the con-- Whiskey Girls and grabbed some brews and grub and made way back to the con. On the way I saw a crazy, surreal believe it only when you see it Dragon dance parade but at the head of the dragon was a cartman ala Southpark.  You gotta always keep your eyes open for shit like this.  Amazing!

After hanging out on the floor with my homie who got deets on Olly Moss being a late add-in to the show and had some tight ass exclusive prints, not bad for an SDCC first-timer huh?!  Trey got a nice print of The Moon flick and I got sucked in by this wicked print.  We met some cool peeps promoting Conan the Barbarian and got savage with em for some cool snappys (tho mine kinda suck I hope his shots are better). 

Then cruised over to the Adult Swim booth and got hooked up with tix for tonight's premiere party with music by Kid Koala.  Yes, yes ya'll!!!

So I missed out on Emilia Clarke and Peter Dinklage in GoT panel that I needed at least another 3 hours to get into but I think I am having a blast yeah?! 

SDCC 1.5 down and 3 more days to go! 

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