Jul 23, 2011

SDCC 2011: DC- The New 52

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Following David Finch was DC: The New 52 panel, which was moderated by Dave Cunningham and delivered by Dan DiDio, Eddie Berganza, Bob Harras and Jim Lee.  The group pointed out that with a New 52 panel everyday of the show-- today would be more on how they got to this point or-- a behind the scenes of the New 52 through their very insider points of view.  Dan commented that during what should have been a big month/quarter in comicbooks, things were not looking so good.  Rather than giving in to apathy they all
started having conversations with writers and artists on what would be the beginnings of conceptualizing The New 52.

The panel continued on how many of their top characters, with an emphasis on the World's Finest (Superman & Batman) have started to really show their age looking like they are in their 40's or 50's (Dan said there wasn't nuthin wrong with that..as the panel and crowd laughed), but this signaled how a refresh was needed to give more access to DC's iconic heroes/villians.

Berganza spoke on how that this wasn't a mere refresh as there are many historic events (that was composed by him and he calls it the 5 yr timeline) that have remained intact with many of the characters though many of the DCU will look more in their 20's or so. 

After going over some more tidbits here and there Jim Lee stunned the crowd by going into explaining the first seven pages of his (and Geoff Johns) book- Justice League. 
Obviously there are no word bubbles or narratives so Jim filled up the crowded room with riotous laughter by making ka-blam, pow and gunfire sounds explaining how this is a normal thing when he draws-- he also went into how he has to do most of this kind of work with his door closed late at night so his wife doesn't think he is nuts.

I looked at her (as she was sitting one row ahead) and she was looking at him and nodding her head that this is the case.  I suppose that he is crazy.  Not cause he is Korean or anything..just calling it like I see it.

Lee went on in jumping from his comedy act to real deets on how this is a much less battle tested Batman that was refreshing for him to take on and allowed him to do never before action shots like-- Batman's cowl getting knocked out of place from this unknown adversary.  Another first was the fire engine that is a construct of, yes you guessed it right!  Green Lantern!

If this preview art shows anything its that the JL book will be the real-deal and that some serious record-breaking sales figures are about to be hit hard.  No doubt.  Lee finished up his slideshow by acting like Batman and asking GL to turn off his light so they can just hang in the shadows.  That's one funny mofo!

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