Jun 2, 2011

DC is Killing It

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As promised yesterday via Dan DiDio, DC Source just released deets on 10 more of the 52 titles that will be showcased in September with Geoff Johns & Jim Lee's Justice League. Though cover art doesn't always correlate to story-- we can at least get some hints and clues at to what may go down with some of our fave books, post-Flashpoint.
Aquaman #1   
Written by Geoff Johns  Art by Ivan Reis
We all knew about this one but it's still great to get some fresh-ass Reis art to hold us over and from what the cover shows-- it looks like King Arthur may still be caught up with the deadly grip of the Black Ring of death.  At least I hope so, though he seemed to be cleaned of that during Brightest Day-- but with Flashpoint-- who really knows?!

Amped to get a whole lot of Mera, Black Manta and Kaldor-- the real draws to this book for me character-wise.  If Green Lantern and Flash proved anything-- Johns has the midas touch on bringing back heroes and developing their worlds to make stories fresh, compelling, entertaining and must read kinda shit!

See you in Atlantis!
The Fury of Firestorm #1   
Written by Ethan Van Sciver & Gail Simone  Art by Yildiray Cinar
This is gonna be live.  Simone and Van Sciver combine like Jason & Ronnie to bring their superpowered creativity to one of the DC's most devastating heroes.

The cover says it all.  Please oh please let there be more EVS covers on the regular since we have yet to see him logged on to regular interiors in a bit.

Got to talk with Ethan some at Comiccon last year and its great to see that his splash into scribework is with one of the best in biz!  Tomasi, Johns and Prado turned me around on digging Firestorm in the same way that I wasn't much of an Aquaman fan before.

Add a splash of solid artistry via the Turkish talent of Cinar and count me IN!


Justice League International #1   
Written by Dan Jurgens    Art by Aaron Lopresti
Like many others I am a serious Booster fan and especially with all the fantastic work of Judd Winick, Lopresti and others in Generation Lost -- how could DC not bring back the old gang?!

Like that Bats is in along with another hero that has found his greater-self in Guy Gardner.  Always a good time with those guys together.  Missed Vixen from McDuffie's JLA run and happy to see her back in the thick of things...oh wait is that Wonder Woman in yet another new costume?!  Cool how Jurgens is picking up on so many great story threads pieced together from Winick (oh so Bob Wayne was right about this not being a reboot- LOL) but hey where is PG at?!  Boo!!!

On the fence about Booster's new fit and who is that dood with the big tuning fork??

Hella bananas boyee!!  We got the return of the JLI ya'll!!

Mister Terrific #1   
Written by Eric Wallace    Art by Roger Robinson
Geoff Johns and Greg Rucka made me really dig the baddasery of new school Mr. Terrific in the pages of JSA and Checkmate.  If you don't know who this cat is, well imagine Black Dynamite, but a whole lot smarter and just a tad less pimp.  Still sick tho.  Believe it.

About damn time he is getting his own digs!  And how perfect is it that he is being conceptualized by a fly writer himself, Mr Eric Wallace.  Loved his shit on Tattoed Man in Final Crisis and of course Deathstroke in Titans.

Look forward to more melodic, intelligent storytelling and to see how Roger Robinson will rock the the 3rd Smartest Man. If this Batman sample is representative of what we can expect...well prepare to get teabagged! (you know cause he has a lot of balls?!  get it??)

JG Jones on covers?  Yes please!!

Wonder-Woman #1
Written by Brian Azzarello    Art by Cliff Chiang
Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang is like a dream come true for me.  Include the Amazonian Warrior Princess as the by-product?!  YES! YES! YES!!!

Seriously, after JMS kinda lost me in the current run of Odyssey, but thanks to Phil Hester's strong close and now this...I suppose that jumping off WW like I am NBC is not happening.

If you haven't caught Azzarello's crazy depiction of Thomas Wayne in Flashpoint yet, you are so lost.  While you are at it-- go get one of the greatest Joker stories ever--yes up there with Moore's Killing Joke--yes, I said it.

The other books and creative teams announced are:
The Flash #1  Script/Art by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato 
The Savage Hawkman #1  Written by Tony Daniel  Art by Phillip Tan 
Captain Atom #1  Written by JT Krul  Art by Freddie Willams II
Green Arrow #1  Written by JT Krul   Art by Dan Jurgens 
DC Universe Presents #1  Written by Paul Jenkins Art by Bernard Chang

So let's add to this list some other books we know will be out there:
Batwoman #1  Written by J.H. Williams III / W. Hayden Blackman  Art by JHW3 / Amy Reeder
Green Lantern #1 Written by Geoff Johns  Art by ? 
Red Lanterns #1 Written by Peter Milligan  Art by ?
Teen Titans #1  Written by ?  Art by Brett Booth
Batman #1
Superman #1
Detective Comics #1
Action Comics #1
Batman and Robin #1
Swamp Thing #1
Nightwing #1
Birds of Prey #1

So with all those books listed we have like 28 more titles of the 52 that will be officially released in the next weeks/months and there are so many top-tier creators that have yet to be connected to books -- Grant Morrison, Peter Tomasi, Paul Cornell, Tony Bedard, Bryan Q. Miller, Gary Frank, Paul Dini, Guillem March, J. Califiore, Nicola Scott, Paul Levitz, Judd Winick, James Robinson, Fernando Pasarin, Frank Quitely, Doug Mahnke-- and the list goes on...

Which of your fave creators do you want writing/drawing duties on??  I am keeping fingers and toes crossed for Grant Morrison on Supes and Judd Winick on Bats.

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