Jun 5, 2011

toy collectwhore: Mister Terrific

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Felt compelled to keep some more diversity ala DC in their Fall change-up and why not follow suit with a Mister Terrific highlight in light of his first own book!!
Mister Terrific
Artistic Integrity:   This piece came out of the DCU Classics wave 8 line that is most known for the uber-rare Gentlemen Ghost that came packaged with a mini Atom and the illusive Gigangta head and torso (that has still not made it's way into my hands).  Okay, back to Mr. T...

Michael Holt, ex-White King for Checkmate & past Chairman for The Justice Society of America is not only a genius, but invisible to technology.  Especially these days that would be pretty damn terrific!  The sculpt resembles a Dale Eaglesham drawing to the T. 

It's so G that the Horseman went all out in making sure his jacket was authentic with "Fairplay" down each arm and of course the very Fonz. like Mr. Terrific in script on his back.  Like The Joker and Black Canary in the Mattel line-- their costumes stylistically work like other heroes capes.  But where Mister Terrific's fig goes on other level detail with is the zipper and buttons looking like they are nearly functional.  

 5 out of 5 shakas

Fun Factor:  Booster Gold has Skeets and Mister Terrific has his T-Spheres.  Yeah they may not be as entertaining but Mr.T does some crazy, fly McGuyver stuffs with em.  Imagine Batman's batarangs.  Yes and Mattel included em as the accessory which is ill.

Over 20 points of movement as you would expect from this kickass toy.

When I think of the coolest moment for Mr. Terrific I think back to how he and his BFF - Dr. Midnight helped to figure out that it wasn't Dr. Light that was the main baddie in Identity Crisis.  Of course I gotta try and recreate that dope Van Sciver cover!

4 out of 5 shakas

Fo-reals brah:
DC Direct rocked the first ever piece of the second coming of Mr. T and it was sick but as usual, Mattel wins out in the finer deets and simply more movement.  With DC Wave 19 being a purely JSA theme-- its a good time to go back and make some room for the shelves to bust the original Mystery Men of the DCU.

4 out of 5 shakas

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