Aug 8, 2011

Black Dynamite Pilot Pimp'd Out

3:36 PM

Adult Swim has released the Black Dynamite pilot today that many lucky SDCC attendees got to peep last month.  The pilot picks up in the same badass-vibe that made the film an instant cult classic. Black Dynamite is at it again in his endless fight against the man, while still making time to uncover the secret 11 herbs &
spices of Massa's "finger sucking good" Fried Chicken.  And in a manner and seduction that only Black Dynamite could do.  Like the film- the dialogue, action, sex (though not fully nekkid) is as good as it gets when it comes to reliving the lost art of 70's blaxploitation.

In a ballsy, yet genius maneuver-- Black Dynamite and his crew are pitted against ghetto-fab, cracked-out versions of Sesame Street--
that use their magical sway over children and make them do their nefarious bidding.  Kurtis the Frog and his other puppet posse be teaching kids vital life lessons like the importance of MUNNAAAY!!! (money).

After being mildly entertained this week by premieres of new animated shows- Thundercats and the Marvel animes of Iron Man and Wolverine on G4-- we are saved by that lameass bullshit with some help from Crenshaw the Slime (ala Oscar the Grouch), the puppet that loves to Hate!  Peep the full unaired pilot here in it's entirety, RIBBIT muthafuka RIBBIT!!:

Creator and Player-at-Large Michael Jai White (Black Dynamite), Kym Whitley (Honey Bee), Tommy Davidson (Cream Corn), and Byron Minns (Bull Horn) --who all starred in the film-- return to voice their classic characters.

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