Aug 5, 2011

Making Da Rounds- Man of Steel, Dark Knight Rises & Batgirl

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The last two days of vacay have been filled with significant first looks from the WB that have forced me to jump out of the ocean and bust out the laptop so I can tell you whats up with all this fab-fresh comics/film news!First up is Zack Snyder's Superman reboot, Man of Steel.  Henry Cavill does more than just fill out his Kryptonian digs, he gives Kal-El a much more intimidating look with his bulkier physique, menacing glare and a Travolta-greaser doo.  With that he is busting the ever so fashionable honeycomb texture (ala The Amazing Spiderman) in the new threads along with a cape that appears more regal and a larger family sigil on his chest.

All of this is a far departure from Superman Returns and the classic Reeves-look but I appreciate that Snyder/Nolan & team are working to make their Man of Steel representative of the type of film they will be visioning which I am still optimistic on it being a throw-back retelling in the 30's or 40's rather than in a modern day setting.  I mean that worked for Captain America right?  Whaddup to Kimo and Ted of Gecko Books that got me all riled up today on this badass flick!
(Via MTV Splashpage)

Next is our first action shot of Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) from DKR on the Batpod.  As you can see we got her in the all black Catwoman-like leather, though this may be just an initial costume or biker jumpsuit.  
My thoughts on this changed once I saw more clips of Hathaway's stuntdouble that has her in the middle of a firefight between Gotham SWAT and some military garbed fellas.  The picture shows more detail in her costume with stylized high boots and gloves and a utility belt that signals to this being Catwoman in full-effect and not just Selina Kyle out on a spin for a Bat-joyride.  Girls look way better on bikes over doods tho yeah?!
(Via Gotham Knights Online)

And keeping it in the Batfam is news on a surprise teaser of Batgirl: Year One animated that was shown after Batman: Brave and the Bold on The Cartoon Network.  The teaser is narrated as a new show though it may just be the Year One story broken into 30 minute segments as a series.  Firefly and Batgirl are doing work in an alley and it shows Batman wrapping things up with Mothman who-- are the two main baddies in the Dixon/Beatty/Martin story. 

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