Jun 1, 2011

if you don't know, now you know- DC Reboot Post Flashpoint

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So the last few weeks and for others, years (looking at you Rich and Ryan) has been a longtime coming with the official confirmation that DC Comics will be rebooting all 52 books at the end of their big Summer crossover event- Flashpoint.
Everyone and their mama in and outside the world of comics have since been throwing out their thoughts, opinions and so on in forums, feeds and tweets-- for a quickie recap here is what has been said today by DC:
We’ll be renumbering the entire DC Universe line of comic books with 52 first issues. We’re publishing innovative storylines featuring our most iconic characters helmed by some of the most creative minds within the industry.
Not only will this initiative be compelling for existing readers, it’ll give new readers a precise entry point into our titles. And on top of that, all of these titles will be released digital day-and-date across the board.
Yesterday was just the beginning. After all, we don’t want to spoil the many surprises we have up our sleeves. It’s so important to us to make sure you maintain those feelings of excitement and unexpectedness when you pick up a new issue of our books.
We’re energized and looking forward to have you come on this journey with us as we make history this September.
–Jim Lee & Dan DiDio, DC Comics Co-Publishers
Today's round of shoptalk with my homies at Comics Conspiracy was no different--revolving around everything DC be it the fab collision of master-creators Jim Lee and Geoff Johns setting it all off with their new ongoing Justice League title.  On that, we all couldn't help but tinker with the notion of perhaps these aren't the same old classic heroes we think they are, being that the Wonder Woman pictured has quite a bit of silver that signals more to a Donna Troy colorway.  How about Flash and his much longer wingtips on the cowl...sure does have an Impulse kinda feel to it.  And one of the more obvious is Superman who looks straight out of the pages of one of Johns' Teen Titans arc titled Titans of Tomorrow.  A bit more bulkier than Conner is and no black in the S shield but this all has to make yah wonder.

One of our other Wednesday homies knocked this speculation down with how that would probably go against WB exec. Jeff Robinov plans of bringing all of the DC big guns together for the Justice League film slated to release in 2013.  Hmm...sure almost two years away but the films aren't necessarily ever a direct connect to what is happening in the books.

So far the Flashpoint tagline of "Everything You Know Will Change"...is definitely living up to the hype with more and more talks of major events never taking place in the DC mythos like first- Barry Allen not dying in Crisis, Barbara Gordon never experiencing the Killing Joke, Sue Dibny not being raped in Identity Crisis and so on. 

Major domo props to Diane Nelson, Geoff Johns, Dan DiDio, Jim Lee, Bob Wayne and the rest of DCE for being pragmatic and seeing the real opportunity to reclaim imaginations and marketshare in a time where the general public is so fascinated with the world of comics. 

This is by far the biggest, ballsy move we have seen since the purchase of Marvel by Disney.  Now it's your move Marvel. 

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