Apr 1, 2011

Wondercon 2011 Edition: Green Lantern

8:38 PM

Immediately after the DC Nation panel, Geoff Johns-- Chief Creative Officer of DCE and Green Lantern guru-- with a Green Lantern prop from the film in hand joined Eddie Berganza on stage and jumped right into everything GL.  Most of the crowd remained from the last panel and we were joined by many others to pack the room.

Despite it being the comics panel, there were many jumps by Berganza and Johns back and forth with attendees between the excitement of the film along with the book which made sense.  Started off with talks on War of the Green Lanterns and its focus on the Green Lanterns of Sector 2814-- Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Hal Jordan.  And more specifically who these guys are behind the rings.

For those of us that have read GL: Emerald Warriors #8, we know what they mean by that.  Especially between Guy and Hal.  Awesomeness that you just gotta read.

Most of the question portion was meh until Johns and Berganza announced that Ivan Reis and Joe Prado would be joining Johns on the new Aquaman monthly.  Obviously with a creative team like that-- I will be on it, though Aquaman as a character holds less interest for me versus the ancillary characters of Black Manta and Mera.  A fan asked Johns what Aquaman was to him if he can be summed up in one word and he replied "tough." 

A fan brought up to Johns how he felt about other creators using his creations-- he responded that it's really cool and talked on Peter Milligan's forthcoming Red Lanterns book that he can't wait to see.  The love fest continued and Berganza & Johns awarded many of the fans asking questions with White Lantern exclusives that were being sold by Graffiti Designs, GL trades and even holding the GL movie prop.  A funny moment took place when a Batman cosplayer was asked by Johns to come up and hold the Lantern...ugh guess you had to be there.

Being that I didn't make the GL movie panel-- why not take in 4 minutes of the exclusive Wondercon footage??

And of course some more of my choice cosplay interactions at Wondercon  ; P

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