Apr 2, 2011

Wondercon 2011 Edition: Robert Kirkman and The Walking Dead Barcrawl

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Every year James Sime, life devourer / comic-pimp of Isotope arranges some of the most ridic, creative entertaining events to coincide with Wondercon.  So once I found out that it was Robert Kirkman of Walking Dead fame that would be the centerpiece to Isotope and iFanboy's annual soiree-- I thought it was a good time to get to know the guy a bit more than what I have experienced through his zombie comics and show.

Entered the panel and though the house was pretty full I got lucky and scored a front row seat...yeah no shame here yo.  In attendance with Kirkman was his Editor at Image, Sina Grace.  Kirkman lived up to his rep of being the funny guy by bellowing over the mic- "this isn't the Green Lantern movie panel!!" 
Laughter and cheers came from the crowd.  Well done.  Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of the zombie genre, but since catching Zombieland and reading through some of the Walking Dead Compendium-- I am a born-again post apocalyptic fan.  And those kids at AMC hit me with the TKO.

The self-proclaimed Golden Globe loser went though a B-roll of images and chatter on his works ranging through Walking Dead, Super Dinosaur (dedicated to his son) and a new collabo with co-creator / illustrator Rob Liefeld (a cool guy that still can't draw feet) called The Infinite. 

And from there they went straight to the mic to spit the Q&A session that was zombie-centric as you would expect.  The most interesting thing that got me was how amazingly, un-geeky many of the attendees were as they showed little to no backlash on Kirkman's unrelenting assault on the TV series not having to mimic the book.  He reinforced that by saying how boring would it be for readers to watch the show and know what to expect.

Quite cavalier of the guy and he was growing on me more and more through the panel.  I decided to make myself remembered for the crawl later by going up to the mic and even ended up getting my shirt signed!!  WOOT!

Went back to the lab to write and rest up with some soju/beer and jumped back out on the streets to meet up with my partner in crime for the crawl-
Candice of Geek Girl on the Street and made it to the first stop of the event- Shine.  Was given the red carpet welcome just like everyone else directly by James and as you can see this was before we were "killed off" by the eventual zombies that showed later on the magic bus.

The evening was filled with a lot of booze, a crazy freakshow performance that involved spikes, circus music, hammers, nails and staples...of course the horde of zombie fans that were local and even some that traveled here from across the state to meet up with the man- Robert Kirkman.

Major props to the whole squadron of Isotope, iFanboy, Image and others that made that night so worth dealing with one of the most ass-kicking hangovers I have experienced in at least a few months (yes, this is what happens when you go to 5 bars-- Shine, Zeitgeist, Tosca, Cat Club and stumbled thru Bloodhound-- and rage like a beast...next time will H2O it some more).

Here are some of the shots before I got too hammered to care about capturing the night and just having FUN!!!

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