Apr 3, 2011

Wondercon 2011 Edition: Four Horseman and Mattel

7:15 PM

Attended Mattel’s “Methods & Materials: Sculpting with the Four Horsemen" panel and was unsure what to really expect from what I believe was the lone toy panel of the show. 

The house was jam-packed with pretty much a butt connected to every damn seat.  All of the panelists from Mattel were super knowledgeable, friendly and the nature of the information flow from start to finish of a sculpted figure seemed almost conversational-- primarily handled by the Four Horsemen’s Jim Preziosi.

In the opening introductions every member of the team stated their name and the lines of projects that they are working on, be it Masters of the Universe, DC Universe Classics, WWE and etc.   I was surprised to hear that the just announced DC Retroactive line was mentioned a few times so I called Mattel to see if this was a press release that we just missed and low and behold, not the case.  Looks like we will be getting some news on the new DC Retroactive toys by Mattel at Comic-con this Summer.  With the buzz going around on some of the Batman Legacy figs, especially the Golden Age versions of Batman and Joker-- I could see why Mattel would want to get those more artist and

time-inspired figs out to the fans.  Love it.  WonderCon was also the premiere of their 1st ever Collect-and-Connect Swap!  Which I unfortunately missed the boat on, but will definitely jump on this Summer.

All you need is a CNC piece and you can look through their bucket of CNC pieces to find your treasure.  Can anyone say Giganta??

Being a space / design guy by trade, I truly appreciated the booth layout that had a comfy basement-lounge feel and was appropriately urban spohisticated.

Enough airspace to walk around in-- though I am sure that if this is replicated in SDCC, it will be much more open.  These toy guys really did an awesome job showing what Wondercon was all about...Green Lantern!!!

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