Dec 3, 2010

if you don't know, now you know- Booster on Smallville

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Geoff Johns has been a busy guy as of late and well known for his tweet teasers on various projects-- he just dropped another one on his weekend plans that include being on set for Smallville to film Episode 17, titled "Booster." Back at SDCC 2010 we learned of how Johns would be introducing Booster Gold and Blue 
Beetle to the Smallville mythos and we are!!

Johns has delivered with every collab he has made to the show by infusing more and more of DCU-realness whether it be the inclusion of the Legion-- who is pivotal to Clark Kent's maturation to Superman, or The Justice Society-- that pushed Smallville deeper and closer to the comicbook archetypes.

In the final season, Smallville has become in many ways a who's who of the DCU with appearances by Darkseid, Isis, Rick Flag, Deadshot, Desaad, Granny Goodness & the Furies and recently Mera.  Now add to this Booster Gold and most likely Blue Beetle.  In the books, Booster Gold got the same Johns-rebirth (like JSA, Teen Titans, the Legion, Green Lantern, Superboy and Flash) treatment through 52 and the first (was it 10) issues of a new Booster book-- that helped to revamp Booster from the lame, goofball, self-centered, ad-whore into a more grounded, self-less protector of the time-stream.  The question is, what persona of Booster Gold will be played out on in Smallville. 

It seems like yesterday that Blue Beetle test footage was released on the web in hopes to generate enough buzz at Warner Bros to get the green light to pilot.  Will we be seeing a Jaime Reyes appearance in this espisode to act as some foreshadowing for this potential television project?

How sick would it be for the death of the original Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) be played out in someway in the show, after all Smallville has already been graced with a Max Lord appearance, right?!

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