Nov 30, 2010

Mixed Plate Comics- Week of 11.24.10

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We are all recovered from the turkey coma / Black Friday madness yeah?!  In a Holiday week that means no new comics till Thursday-- about time we got off our okole and drop our pickups/revs from...last week!!  Yes, another not late edition--  Secret Avengers #7  /  Fantastic Four #585  /  Batwoman #0  / Secret Warriors #22  / Batman and Robin #17  /  Justice League: Generation Lost #14  /  Teen Titans #89  / Black Widow #8  /  Action Comics #895  / Gotham City Sirens #17...and the choice reads are:

5   Action Comics #895   Paul Cornell & Pete Woods  
Lex's quest to unlock and harness the power of the Black Rings continue with a nice time-jump(quite the new trend with DC books of late yeah) through various meeting with the immortal Vandal Savage.  Savage has a premonition that Lex has some connection to bringing him more power-- so we see how in some      
weird way how he continually invites Luthor over for some bromance-time back at his palace (sounds gay but shit is funny) and gets shot down by our anti-hero.

Eventually, Vandal gets tired of waiting for Luthor to crumble and takes over Lois-bot, his power-suit and Lex-Corp to push his manifest destiny.  As usual, Lex plans ahead and calls in the Secret Six.  Cornell and Woods are one of my top, new creative duos with this classic run in Action Comics.

4   Fantastic Four #585   Jonathan Hickman & Steve Epting 
Galactus is not amused by the idea of being offed by Reed Richards even if it is in some different time-line.  With the Silver Surfer they bring Mr. Fantastic along in a mission to ensure no such thing will take place here-- and some interesting tidbits are passed on between them-- like how Galactus is fears Reed's son, Frankin, who has been somehow unlocked of his infinite powers.

Meanwhile, Sue is helping with negotiations for territory in the sea where she is reunited with her admirer the Submariner.  Namor uses the Invisible Girl as a distraction and axes (not the male bodyspray) the Old King, hailing Imperious Rex fools!!!!

Okay that sounded more gangsta when Namor said it(minus the fools part).  Hickman has the stage set for the end of the first family of Marvel.  Interesting how my two fave House of Ideas titles -- Daredevil and Fantastic Four is ending.  Poo.

3   Teen Titans #89   J.T. Krul & Nicola Scott
The dynamic of this new team is so fun with the inclusion of Damian.  We get to see the offspring of Deathstroke and Batman go at it and it brings a conflict within the team that seems to bring everyone together closer.

Krul and Scott make this book move at a fast, fresh pace and balances out facetime between the seven teen heroes.  In a conflict with a suped up, confused kid-- Raven helps to calm and soothe the sap and when they return from teleportation, dumbass Damian messes everything up.  It's great to see how different this new Robin is characterized among good friends of Tim Drake (Red Robin) and outside of the shadow from the Batman.

2   Batwoman #0   J.H. Williams / W. Haden Blackman & Amy Reeder 
The panels and art is as you expect-- a glorious mind-fuck.  Amy Reeder's style is well served in more of the civilian coverage of Bats-stalking of Kate Kane, but I felt a bit ripped off with this reorientation to who is the Batwoman.

Yeah, yeah I am happy we all get to jump back into her dark, magnificient, girl-on-girl world...sure this is appropriately titled #0 and for that you don't get the 1 spot.

It seems that Batwoman will stand on her own from the Batman Inc. or at least I hope so for now-- to just see her get her own, much needed hype.  Can't wait to be served up to more, unadulterated Batwoman in February.

Bring it Williams!!

1   Justice League Generation Lost #14   Judd Winick & Aaron Lopresti  

Winck and Lopresti are bringing us to so many places with the disrespected, long-forgotten JLI.  This ish brings us to yet another post-apocalyptic future with a Justice League that has Damian Wayne as the Batman and Red Hood as his Robin.  Cool.  Giant OMACs and more with this timewarped battle for humanity thanks to Captain Atom nuking himself out of time.  Such a great series gets even better.

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