Nov 30, 2010

Back to the Future Cover O' the Day- "Is This My Foe?"

11:14 PM

Aquaman #42
National Comics (DC), December 1968
Writer: Steve Skeates    Artist: Nick Cardy

It was Black Friday and in a badass sale that involved vintage titles such as this at 50% off (thx to Illusive Comics!), I couldn't help but pick this one up not only for the incredible cover that even today is on the level-- but also for the fact that Black Manta just kicks major domo booty!!  In Brightest Day, Black Manta is just one of the many Silver Age characters that DC is banking on making a successful comeback-- similar to the recent rebirths of Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Flash (Barry Allen).

This scene where Manta confronts who we know as the new "Aqualad," reaks of something all so familiar and if you don't know by now-- spoiler alert!!!

Aqualad will soon find out that Black Manta is actually his true father but not quite in the classic fashion that to this day-- is the biggest WTF moment in fanboy history.  You can follow the in dark return of
Black Manta in Brightest Day and hopefully in the new DC Animation- Young Justice-- that stars Aqualad as the team leader.

Fun Fact:  Black Manta is really a Black man unlike Darth Vader.  Really.

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